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Powdered Wig Society Syrian refugees

No, Thousands of Syrian Refugees Are Not Arriving in New Orleans

As news of the attacks in Paris spread, ostensibly conservative websites began running breathtaking reports about an invasion of...
red Starbucks cup

We All Got What We Wanted From the Red Cup

Yes, we’re all tired of talking about it. The color of coffee cups has dominated social media feeds and...
gay man suit Bible publishers homosexual verses

Is a Gay Man Suing Bible Publishers for $70 million?

Didn’t I just post something like this already today? No, a Vermont pastor isn’t being jailed for refusing to... Vermont Pastor in prison gay marraige

Was a Vermont Pastor Sentenced to One Year in Prison for Refusing to Marry a Gay Couple?

No. Stop sharing this link: Christian Pastor In Vermont Sentenced To One Year In Prison After Refusing To Marry...

Christian Twitter Reaction to Gay Marriage Ruling

Social media gets a bad rap—often deservedly so—for being a horrible place to discuss nuanced or controversial issues. But...