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Doctor Who The Pilot

Discussing Doctor Who: The Pilot

Just like the Doctor, I’m back with my friend Kevin Harvey to talk about the latest episode of Doctor...
religion church S-Town podcast

The Hidden Religious Tragedy of S-Town

John, a 49-year-old antique clock restorer, tries his best to convince Tyler, a struggling, unmarried 20-something father, to come...
bike work Christianity coast

The Coasting Christian

How much did you enjoy coasting down a hill on your bike as a kid? You can put your...
CCM 90s

March Gladness: The Greatest CCM Song of the 90s

In some tournaments, you just know who is going to win before the games even start. That seems to...
CCM 90s

March Gladness: Greatest CCM Songs of the 90s Championship

What is the greatest CCM song of the 1990s? Based on the votes for the top CCM albums of...