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pregnant abortion pro-life pro-choice common ground research

Our Surprising Common Ground on Abortion

“We are hopelessly divided on abortion.” I’ve heard that sentiment expressed numerous times. And in many...
C.S. Lewis newspaper rule

Why We Desperately Need C.S. Lewis’ “Newspaper Rule”

Much of our life is spent making significant judgments about others with very little evidence, but...
dead heroes

Dead Heroes Tell No Tales

Everyone loves a good hero, but we love no hero as much as a dead hero....
quote tweet

Why You Should Quote Tweet (Almost) Nevermore

As with virtually everything else on Twitter (and the platform itself), the quote tweet started innocuously...
Twice Upon a Time Doctor Who Tardis Review

Discussing Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time

Unfortunately, my co-blogger on these reviews, Kevin, has some added responsibilities and won’t be able to...