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embryo jewelry

Destroying Human Life to Make Jewelry

It has been a long time since I read a news story and was shocked speechless. But reading this,...
Doctor Who Thin Ice

Discussing Doctor Who: Thin Ice

Will Kevin and I ever agree about an episode this season? It won’t happen this week, as we break down...
Doctor Who Smile emojibot

Discussing Doctor Who: Smile

What happens when emojis take over the world? Kevin Harvey and I are back to talk about “Smile,” the latest...
Mario Kart Target carts

Door Jam: April 25, 2017

Door Jam is a collection of odd, funny and nerdy news and videos from around the web. If you see...
writing Trevin Wax stories This is our Time

Q&A With Trevin Wax: Why Do Christians Miss the Story?

I have appreciated Trevin Wax’s writing from afar, but after getting to know Trevin as a friend and as...