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controversial verse Bible

The Most Controversial Bible Verse No One Knows About

The Bible is full of controversial verses. Many don’t like what the Bible has to say...
what makes God excited shouts

What Makes God Excited?

Actually beating my sons in Mario Kart. Having a tickle fight with my daughters. Going on...
writer publisher reader flourish

What Does a Healthy Writer, Reader, Publisher Relationship Look Like?

Nothing is worse as a reader than clicking a link that interests you, only to discover...
taylor-swift reputation parenting cliches

Reputation: Taylor Swift’s Album of Bad Parenting Clichés

Taylor Swift is constantly changing her approach to music. And now she recognizes her first fans...
Broadchurch season 3

Broadchurch Forces Us to Confront the Depravity of Men

  This post contains spoilers for each season of Broadchurch. “You know what I don’t like...