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Jesus stained glass

Jesus Had No Problem Telling People How They Should Live

Virtually everyone wants to claim Jesus. Conservatives want Jesus. Progressives want Jesus. I’ve even seen atheists...
men church Pew Research

Whose Fault Is It Men Aren’t in Church?

New research supports what most everyone who attends church has noticed anecdotally—women outnumber men in the...
leaving church

5 Reasons Christians Cannot Abandon the Church

Every so often, a Christian writes a piece about how they’ve come to the realization they...
prayer God in schools

Stop Saying God Has Been Kicked Out of Schools

Like every other mass shooting before it, the one in Parkland, FL elicited theological questions about...
Wakanda Black Panther Narnia

Of Wakanda and Narnia: How Fictional Places Evoke Real Longings

What real-world good is a fictional place? Before Black Panther was even released, it began to...