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good news is coming sign Advent worst time perfect time Christmas

The Worst Time for Advent is the Perfect Time for Advent

The world seemingly couldn’t get any crazier. Political upheaval threatens the appearance of peace. Moral depravity...
C.S. Lewis bridge

C.S. Lewis: The Bridge to Something More

C.S. Lewis may be the most quoted and beloved 20th-century writer. Because of his ability to...
thoughts and prayers tragedy

We Need More “Thoughts and Prayers” Not Less

“Thoughts and prayers” have become an all-too-familiar restrain in American life. A somber, liturgical response to...
justice Bible scripture God

What Does the Bible Say About Justice?

In my post, “Do Christians Have to Care About Everything?,” I referred to the Bible as...
Should Christians care about everything?

Do Christians Have to Care About Everything?

Why don’t you care? In our age of perpetual outrage, that may be one of the...