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Eaters of Light Doctor Who review

Discussing Doctor Who: The Eaters of Light

Take a historical mystery and add a interdimensional monster, well of course the Doctor is going to show up....
article confidence experience Christian computer

The Popular Christian Article We Need Fewer Of

The internet could use more of a lot of things. It could use more hilarious gifs, more cute animal...
Doctor Who Empress of Mars

Discussing Doctor Who: The Empress of Mars

The Doctor returns to Mars. The Ice Warriors are back. Missy is let loose. Kevin and I should love...
path decision choice

All Roads Lead to Exclusion

Is it intolerant and bigoted to say some religions are wrong? As was recently demonstrated in a senate confirmation...
Doctor Who The Lie of the Land

Discussing Doctor Who: The Lie of the Land

Why lie if it’s going to be a disappointment? “The Lie of the Land” ends the midseason Monk trilogy of episodes...