What Makes God Excited?

what makes God excited shouts

Actually beating my sons in Mario Kart. Having a tickle fight with my daughters. Going on a date with my wife. Watching my team win. Those are some of the things that get me excited.

What makes you excited? What moves you so much you want to stand up and shout?

Each of us has things that are uniquely exciting to us. Certain moments, places, and people stir our emotions. But what about God? What excites Him?

What brings God so much joy that He can’t stand it any longer and He has to shout? Psalm 32 lets us in on the secret.

Psalm of Forgiveness

The joy of God’s forgiveness compelled David to write. More than likely, he composed this psalm after repenting of his sin with Bathsheba.

Psalm 51 provides an account of David’s confession, while Psalm 32 is a remembrance of the cleansing God brings.

David gets excited about forgiveness because he knows how sinful he is. After allowing his lust to lead him into adultery and murder, the “man after God’s own heart” is under no illusion about his own failures.

But because he has experienced God’s forgiveness from those failures, David cannot help but sing.

If we share David’s honest understanding of our sin, we can’t help but share his deep appreciation of God’s forgiveness.

Even as David is writing about experiencing that forgiveness from his perspective, the Holy Spirit inspires Him to write about it from God’s perspective. What does God think about extending forgiveness to us?

If we think about just how often we fail, how frequently we stumble and sin, it can be tempting to think God reluctantly forgives us.

We imagine Him in heaven saying, “Again? Really? Didn’t you just ask for forgiveness about this last week? OK. I guess I have to this time, but you’d better watch it.”

But that’s not the picture Psalm 32 paints of God and His redeeming us, saving us, forgiving us.

When God Shouts

In verse 7, David writes about the God who has forgiven him:

You are my hiding place
you protect me from trouble.
You surround me with joyful shouts of deliverance.

Those who turn to God are not greeted with hesitant acceptance. We don’t find a wary half welcome.

When we confess our sins, God gets excited. He starts yelling and singing. It’s like His favorite team scored at the last second to win the game.

Instead of shaming us with reminders of our failures, God surrounds us with reminders of His love.

God is so excited about rescuing you that He starts yelling about it all around you. Your deliverance brings God joy.

Think how you would be if you saved a loved one from drowning. As you pull them out of the water, you hug them like you’ve never hugged them before. You can’t stop telling them how much you love them.

That’s God when you confess your sins to Him.

You’re His child and He gets to pull you up out of the mire that’s trying to steal your life, rob your joy, hinder your relationship with Him.

After you repent and turn to God, there’s nowhere you can turn without hearing God’s voice booming with excitement and joy.

What makes God excited? Rescuing you. He can’t help but yell when you turn from sin and to Him.

And the fact that God gets excited over us, should make us that much more excited about Him.

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