Reputation: Taylor Swift’s Album of Bad Parenting Clichés

taylor-swift reputation parenting cliches

Taylor Swift is constantly changing her approach to music. And now she recognizes her first fans are old enough to have kids.

The former country-turned-pop singer’s new album, Reputation, must be about parents warning children their actions reflect back on the reputation of the parents.

That has to be why Swift titled her first single, the classic bad parent cliche: “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Thanks to response to this tweet, we now have an album full of songs with featured artists who contributed titles.

Look What You Made Me Do
Because I Said So
Do You Think Money Grows On Trees? (ft. @JaredCWilson)
Don’t Make Me Turn the Car Around
Go Ask Your Mother (ft. @Jonathan_Howe)
Just Wait Until Your Father Gets Home (ft. @BobSmietana)
We’ll See (ft. @BrianRichards80)
Not Now the Game’s On
I’m Going to Count to 3 … (ft. @mattw978)
Shut the Door! I’m Not Trying to Cool Off the Whole Neighborhood
Yes, You Have to Eat Your Vegetables
This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (ft. @Verbal_Crow)
In a Minute
Stop Crying Or I’ll Give You Something to Cry About (ft. @SpenceSpencer01)

What other songs should be on Taylor Swift’s bad parenting album?

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