March Gladness: The Greatest CCM Song of the 90s

In some tournaments, you just know who is going to win before the games even start. That seems to be the case with this March Gladness tournament to decide the greatest CCM song of the 90s.

Based on the votes for the top CCM albums of the last 25 years, “Jesus Freak” was the clear favorite at the start of the tournament and it did not disappoint.

The DC Talk hit comfortably won each of its matchups, including the championship game. “Jesus Freak” had 65% of the votes to 35% for Steven Curtis Chapman’s “The Great Adventure.”

If you want to hear “Jesus Freak” or any of the other songs from March Gladness, here’s a Spotify playlist with all of them.*

* Chris Rice’s “Cartoon Song” is not on Spotify. But if you are really curious about what happens if cartoons get saved, you listen on YouTube.

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