Door Jam: April 25, 2017

Door Jam

Door Jam is a collection of odd, funny and nerdy news and videos from around the web. If you see a post that should be in Door Jam, tweet it to me @WardrobeDoor.

Consumerist: Target wants all video game lovers to shop in their stores … and apparently launch shells and bananas at other customers. Some stores will have temporary Mario Kart themes complete carts transformed into racing karts and a finish line at the door.

Mario Kart Target carts

Flowing Data: Just how historically hairy are men’s faces today? Pretty hairy, but not nearly as hairy as the 70s, according to this chart tracking facial hair of college students from the late 1800s until now.

Mashable: What would happen if you stuffed a pizza inside of a burger using two pizzas as buns? I’ll tell you what would happen: Magic.

Collider: What’s next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It might be something completely new, according to the Marvel Studios president.

Recasting of the main characters? Reboot of the entire universe? Kevin Feige said after the upcoming untitled Avengers film the MCU would do something different than merely starting Phase 4.

Netflix: Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew watched Stranger Things? Wonder no more.

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