March Gladness: Greatest CCM Songs of the 90s Final Four

It’s all come down to this: The Final Four of March Gladness. What is the greatest CCM song of the 1990s?

The Elite Eight was filled with all top seeds, which means every contest was a 1 seed versus a 2 seed.

Did every 1 seed advance or was a 2 seed able to pull off a last minute upset? Let’s find out.

March Gladness Final Four


Everyone seemed to have an opinion of no. 1 seed Michael W. Smith’s Friends Are Friends Forever, for better or worse.

But while it was getting all the attention, no. 2 seed Steven Curtis Chapman’s The Great Adventure quietly, but convincingly moved on to the region finals against Michael W. Smith.

In the end, it wasn’t even close. SCC knocked off MWS in dominate fashion: 39-17.


Larry the Cucumber’s classic The Hairbrush Song showed why we has the no. 1 seed as he easily won in the earlier rounds to take on Chris Rice’s Cartoon Song.

While Rice’s song has been dubbed by some “the OG Silly Song,” it was not enough to knock off the song that was kicked off Silly Songs With Larry.

The Hairbrush Song knocked off Cartoon Song 34-17.


The top two seeds were on a collision course since the bracket was unveiled. DC Talk versus Jars of Clay. Jesus Freak versus Flood.

Some may have thought Jesus Freak would waltz into the Final Four, Flood proved to be a tough opponent. The two had the closest matchup in the Elite Eight.

But in the end, Jesus Freak won the Rock Region with a 30-22 win over Flood.


On paper, Rich Mullins’ Awesome God and Mercy Me’s I Can Only Imagine seemed to be a great matchup. But in the voting, it wasn’t close at all.

Mullins won with the largest margin in the Elite Eight: 45-8.

But now we’ve made it to the Final Four. The region winners will square off. Vote now for the winners.

Voting is open until Sunday night, April 2.

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