Reaping the Whirlwind of Alternative Facts

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Arguments over crowd sizes are insignificant and pointless, but they reveal actual—not alternative—facts about our culture’s attitude toward truth.

Sowing seeds of postmodernism

Postmodernism declared there is no absolute truth or inherent meaning. Today, in a modern culture steeped in this way of thinking, truth is understood as relative.

In literature and art, it doesn’t matter what the author or artist intended their work to say, it only matters how the individual received it. If I perceive something as offensive, that is all that matters.

In religion, you cannot claim Jesus is the way, truth and life. Maybe he is just a way to reach God—one of many ways—because all religions are equally true.

In identity, gender is fluid and determined, not by biology, but by how a person feels. No one else has the right to tell them how they are to see themselves.

In morality, unborn life is discardable and should not be regarded as a person—unless the mother wants it. Only then can we use language of “baby,” “child,” etc. The mother’s desires determine the reality of the baby.

For years, conservative Christians fought against the rejection of absolute truth, while many in culture scoffed. The mantra for years has been: “They may be true for you, but it’s not true for me.”

Now, suddenly, culture has become concerned with truth and facts again.

Reaping whirlwinds of alternative facts

But that’s the problem. Once you unleash a cancer into culture, you no longer control how far it goes. If you dismiss truth as relative, you no longer get to argue for it.

Do you remember the college students who could not dispute a short white man claiming to be a tall, Asian woman? They have been taught that truth is what corresponds to an individual’s feelings.

On what grounds can they challenge anyone’s truth claim when they’ve accepted that truth is determined within the individual?

When there is no truth, there can be no fake news. Maybe it’s fake for you, but not for me. You don’t get to determine what is real.

When truth does not exist, alternative facts are as accurate as any other fact. I don’t have to accept your facts. I can substitute my own.

Those on the left wanted the ability to self-determine religion, morality, sexuality, gender and numerous other issues, but subjectivism is an acid that eats away at all truth claims.

The personhood of the unborn is as obvious as the crowd comparison photos. Gender should be as easy to determine as fake news.

But truth has been undermined and dismissed as irrelevant to modern culture. And now lies have taken root and spread further than they wanted.

Those who cheered on the removal of truth from our cultural language are shocked to reap the whirlwind of alternative facts.

Unfortunately, many of those who previously fought against subjective truth have now embraced it. Many who warned us about postmodernism have bought into its greatest lie.

Standing firm for truth

Those who previously spoke against the side effects of a postmodern attitude toward truth have seen how useful it is once you obtain power. Replacing absolute truth with a convenient truth is effective in dismissing criticism.

But eventually they will learn, as the left is learning now, that usefulness is only temporary. Eventually, the other side takes power and turns the tables.

More importantly, you lose any concept of truth and any sense of honesty. And our society cannot survive without without those.

We desperately need people who will embrace and defend truth no matter if it benefits them or not. That should fall to the Christian.

Those of us who follow Christ must never relinquish the idea of truth. Jesus called Himself the Truth. Scripture claims to be true and accurate.

We must not undercut our faith to inflate our politics or secure our power. Christians must be the ones who stand for truth regardless of who’s in power or what culture advocates.

Truth exists; it is not subjective. Facts are real; there is no alternative. For the Christian, there can be no other way.

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