No, that Viral Sign About Mary Having an Abortion is Not From the Women’s March

As hundreds of thousands of women (and men) marched in various cities as part of the Women’s March, many brought signs expressing their opinions on a host of issues.

Some were creative and challenging and more than a handful were crude and offensive, but I’ve noticed photos of one sign has begun to spread on social media and conservative blogs as emblematic of the attitude of many marchers.

If Mary had had an abortion we wouldn't be in this mess

Now there is no denying the offensiveness of that sign, but it’s not from the Women’s March in 2017. It’s not even from 2017 or 2016.

A quick Google image search traced the sign back to 2011 and a San Francisco Walk for Life.

On her website, Jen Fulwiler shared several photos of the Walk for Life and the counter-protest, including the one above.

Fulwiler, a Catholic author and radio host, captured a shot of this sign (albeit from a different angle) at the 2011 West Coast Walk for Life.

walk for life San Francisco 2011

About this specific sign she wrote:

A focus of many of the signs was graphic, unbelievably crude sexual insults involving Jesus and Mary. This disgusting sign below is one of the few I can post a picture of, as it was, amazingly, one of the milder messages.

It’s not the same photo, but you can clearly see this is the same sign with the same two holding it. There’s even the same bit of yellow graffiti on the window behind them.

The first instance I can find of the specific viral photo is from a Catholic blogger who credits it to Fulwiler also and says it is from the same 2011 West Coast Walk for Life.

With 5 minutes of using Google, I found the original place the photo appeared and the photographer. But that hasn’t stopped many pro-life individuals and conservatives from sharing the image to discredit the Women’s March.

Some even know crediting the photo to this past weekend is not right, but they refuse to take down their post.

Here’s what Chicks on the Right wrote in response to someone telling them the photo is not from the Women’s March:

UPDATE (1/23/17): According to several messages we’ve received, this photo was taken a couple years ago in the UK.  Some people have suggested that we should pull this post entirely as if its point is no longer valid.

If this was not taken during any womens’ marches this past weekend, fantastic.  But regardless, it exists.  It’s undeniable, and it’s representative of the kind of vulgar, disgusting nonsense often seen from the progressive feminist left. (See: pretty much any Code Pink rally.)

So, we’re not pulling this post, because this kind of mentality exists and needs to be called out for the reasons cited IN this post.

Thanks to those of you who let us know that this photo was originally found on reddit.  We appreciate it!

The headline of the piece is still “This VILE Women’s March Sign Has Me Livid.”

They know it’s not from the Women’s March, but they refuse to take it down or change the headline. Why? Look at all the shares, likes and comments it has gotten them on Facebook.

There are critiques to be made about the march and their stance on abortion. I wrote about how the Women’s March ignored the existence of at least 40% of women with their dismissal of pro-life women. But this sign is not one of them.

The blogs who shared this photo aren’t discrediting the Women’s March; they are discrediting themselves.

Christians must shepherd our credibility during this time of fake news and alternative facts. We have to be the ones defending truth because no one else will.

Followers of Christ have a higher standard than even the journalist. We do not have the reputation of a news organization to protect, but rather we bear the name of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Using misleading photos does not help your case. Winning an argument (or getting retweets or Facebook shares) is not worth losing your soul.


  1. Ruth

    Thank you so much for writing this. I found the Reddit link but it’s good to find the actual source. Well, you found it. It’s good to find your blog! I marched on Saturday in LA and it was beyond loving and so peaceful. Such a beautiful day. It hurts my heart to see this awful photo being untruthfully tied to such a positive event. And to see that there are sources where people are getting news that are knowingly leaving up false information. But your article is a ray of light and a bright one at that! Thank you again.

  2. Les

    The sign still represents the bought and paid for Women’s March as evident by the vile speakers and promoters of this hate group.

  3. Susan

    The protest by so-called peaceful protesting women 2017 would make it very easy to believe this was part of it. Madonna, Ashley Judd and the rest of the haters have made it apparent that they all fall into the same category. Even though I have found out this particular sign was not a part of the 2017, it does fall into line as to what their mindset is, otherwise how could they possibly justify such a heinous act, killing a live human being. I will not be taking my post down because it depicts the core of their beliefs, for that reason I can visualize it very easily appearing at the women’s 2017 protest. I also will not delete this link for anyone that is interested to click on

    • Nanc Smith

      I agree with Les. The fact of the matter is, obviously that disgraceful sign was displayed sometime! There were so many disgusting protesters in this march, displaying vulgar symbolism’s of reproductive organs, etc! AND, it was a march, by in large, to promote protecting theses women’s rights to do with their reproductive organs as they deem necessary! Bottom line, it was a march promoting killing innocent babies who are supposed to be protected by their mothers in the womb, and not be subjected to a battleground for survival! God has entrusted women with the privilege of carrying out that task, just as much as protecting them after these little ones are born! Only God, according his Word, has the right to take away a life, period! The government shouldn’t even be involved. It should be an issue between the woman committing the heinous act, and God! We, who support “Pro Life”, do NOT want our tax dollars to have any part in it! That is the problem with our country; we have, as a nation, turned our back on God, and want to make our own rules, those which accommodate us! We can also see by the shape our country is in, and the moral decline, how well that has worked out! This country was founded on Christian principles, and I am sure our forefathers are turning over in their graves! We need to get back to doing things God’s way, period! We will all one day have to stand before him and give an account for our actions, and I fear that day for all of us who have accepted, participated in, or supported the sick and demented, sinful behavior that has been going on in this nation! In closing, I would also like to know why Madonna has yet to be arrested? She clearly is guilty of treason! If you don’t believe me, look up the definition! If that would have been any non-celeb they would have been cuffed and carted off before they knew what happened! Just because she is a celebrity, and not a very good one at that, doesn’t give her a pass to commit such a crime.

  4. Thank you for pointing out this was incorrectly tied to the marches from Saturday. I was looking for the image to put in a blog post and it brought me to your blog. Now I’m anxious to read the rest of your blog.

  5. peat moss

    Susan, Do you consider yourself a Christian? If you are, you can not call Madonna and Ashley Judd haters. That would be hypocritical, because there seems to be broiling hate below the surface of your response. Hate slowly rots away our core. You talk about “their mindset”, lumping together groups of people you don’t even know. You leave up this troubling picture, knowing it is a lie, because it supports YOUR belief as well as what you believe is their own. I have seen as much hate from one side of the politic spectrum as the other. We are definitely not loving our enemy as Christ tells us to do, and we judge each other, and pretend to know each others their heart and soul, which we do not! I tell you this, not to hurt you, but because I worry that you will awaken, someday soon, hating yourself for the anger that is eating away your soul….and Susan I am in NO WAY better than you, I am trying to deal with anger just as you seem to be. We need to return to our churches and pray without ceasing for forgiveness, and beg Christ to be truly the center of our lives.

  6. Lorenzo

    But you digress, these liberals do this every day as they blame all white men for the actions of a few 3 centuries ago. They lie and claim an oppressive patriarchy is bearing down on them. They in fact made this sign, regardless which parade they carried it in, and they all follow the same cultural Marxist critical theories as if they were a new religion, one devoutly opposed to all things Christ. Perhaps the title should be changed so we do not stoop to their level, but I don’t think you as a liberal are a trustworthy source.

    • The fact that you think I’m a “liberal” because I pointed out a lie on a conservative website says more about you than it does me. I’m actually a stridently pro-life conservative Christian who thinks lying about those who disagree with us is ineffective and immoral.

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