10 Most Popular Posts at The Wardrobe Door for 2016


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Here are the posts that you made the most popular this year at The Wardrobe Door. If you’d like to read my reflections and writing here (and in general) in 2016, those will be at the bottom, after the top 10.

10. Silencing God’s Megaphone

So often, we seek after political power or celebrity status. We act as if Jesus is in need of those things to reach our culture. God can (and does) use those, but it is not the loudest and most effective means of communication He has.

In a celebrity obsessed culture such as ours, it may be the case that God is looking to speak through pain instead of fame.

9. “I’m Right Here With You”

May we be like Philando Castile’s daughter. She saw the pain of her mother, came beside her and said, “It’s OK. I’m right here with you.”

These events are not “OK,” but victims should always hear the church whisper to them through our tears, “I’m right here with you.”

8. Brussels Points Us to Calvary

The murder of innocent individuals by terrorists should provoke mourning. God hates death and so should we. Things are not as they should be. But neither are they as they will be.

Evil, regardless how it appears right now, has been defeated. Brussels points us to Calvary. The cross reassures us that death must give way to life.

7. Doritos & Fundamentalism: Why Christians Should Thank NARAL

Christians must go beyond our own “sympathetic press and evangelistic art” to engage with those who disagree with us. We should critique and evaluate culture, but we should do so at a deeper level than merely determining whether we agree with the propositional truth claims presented.

The temptation for the Christian to fall back into that type of response remains. Discernment, seeking to engage without embracing, is hard. Particularly for conservative Christians, we can slide back into former ways and old habits.

In that way, we should thank NARAL for serving as an example to us, holding up a mirror to our worser selves. How we saw their tweet is how others often view us. In fact, it’s still how they think of us in many ways.

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Like the cell phone company trying to appeal to our impatience to buy a new phone, while reminding us we need to be patient and not text and drive, culture will always give a contradictory message.

We can see a consistent theme of patience in Scripture. The Bible is a book of hope and waiting. We can wait because we have seen God fulfill His promises in His perfect timing.

“It can wait” because we know one day our waiting will pay off. On that day, we will finally get all we truly desire—Who we truly desire. And He is so much better than a new cell phone.

5. Buy discount lisinopril

A generation of evangelicals waited with bated breath for a potential DC Talk reunion album or tour announcement today. Instead they got something else.

After 16 years, the intermission has ended … with a cruise.

But 90s Christian teenagers are used to dealing with disappointments. Here are other heartbreaking tragedies we have survived.

4. Ventolin 100mg england

At some point in their lives, half of Americans have searched for a new church to attend.

A new survey from Pew Research examines the attitudes surrounding the move and come away with some very interesting findings. Here are five takeaways for Christians hoping to understand the current American religious environment.

3. What the Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Miss About Simone Biles

There is danger for pro-lifers in attempting to capitalize on someone who came from a difficult birth situation and achieved greatness. We can make it seem as if the important part is their achieving greatness and not simply the fact that they are someone.

Simone Biles should celebrate her achievements and we should enjoy seeing her do amazing gymnastic feats. But she has value far apart from that—even if we forget it sometimes.

2. What Screwtape Actually Said About Politics

C.S. Lewis said lots of important, insightful things about politics, including in The Screwtape Letters. There’s no need to create fake quotes. And there definitely isn’t any reason to share them.

1. Lexapro for anxiety

These are the missing millennials churches have been worried about. Now, a smartphone game has them literally coming to your doorstep.

So what can a church do to capitalize on this? Here are some practical steps to hopefully move the gamers from your steps to your pews.

2016 Recap

While the internet memes say 2016 was the worst, at The Wardrobe Door, this year was the best of times and the worst of times.

As a writer, this year has been fulfilled with standout moments. The Evangelical Press Association recognized my story on comic book movies as the best in the General Article: Long category.

Tim Challies, one of the most influential Christian bloggers and writers, named this blog one of his 10 favorite in 2016. I published my third piece at The Washington Post.

And numerous individuals encouraged me in my writing—some who have been doing it for years and others I’ve just met.

On the other hand, this has been the first year in a long time where I genuinely felt tempted to quit writing here on a regular basis.

There were weeks where the words were there, but the time was not. And other weeks where the time was plentiful, but the words were dry.

Then there is the whole thing of doing this for nothing. As evidenced by the blank “Advertise Here” square on the sidebar, no one is purchasing ads.

So I have to consider if this is worth it when I see no tangible return on the hours of time investment here. But in the end, I keep deciding there is value in this even if I never see the direct results.

Most, if not all, of those great moments would not be possible if I stopped writing here. Even if I publish elsewhere, my writing is improved in those places because I’m writing here.

I would love for this passion of mine to financially contribute to our family, but it is a passion and one that I almost have to do.

I think best when I write. It’s the way I process. I’ve often changed my mind about a topic by sitting down to write about it. That is of benefit to me.

Many readers have said this blog has helped them think through an issue differently or help them better understand it. That is of benefit to you.

In addition to thinking about serious topics, hopefully, sometimes we just laugh together. That is of benefit to both of us.

With those benefits in mind, I cannot stop writing at The Wardrobe Door—not yet. Hopefully, 2017 will see even more blog posts published here and maybe even an ad or two. But regardless, I’ll be here and I hope you will too.

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