Door Jam: April 11, 2016

Door Jam

Door Jam is a collection of odd, funny and nerdy news and videos from around the web. If you see a post that should be in Door Jam, tweet it to me @WardrobeDoor.

MTV Movie Awards: Lots of new trailers and movie clips debuted at the MTV Awards last night, including Suicide Squad, Captain America: Civil War and Kong: Skull Island.

NASA: The Kepler telescope caught the flash of an exploding star for the first time. The star was so large, the Earth’s orbit around the sun could fit inside.

Washington Post: Speaking of stars and suns, this planet has three suns.

NBC Sports: If Batman v Superman had made you care about either superhero, this would be what it looked like. They even unite to defeat a common enemy.

Geek: Warner Bros is making some changes to the upcoming slate of DC films. Wonder Woman is moving up a few weeks and two untitled films have been added to the DC cinematic universe.

The Wrap: The first trailer for Doctor Strange will premiere tonight on Jimmy Kimmel.

Tech Insider: Speaking of the mystic doctor, here’s some shots of Benedict Cumberbatch on set in costume. Yep, he’s perfect in the role.

MovieWeb: The upcoming Captain America: Civil War will feature a crossover for the Netflix series Luke Cage.

NatGeo: This 360º view of Victoria Falls is spectacular.

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