Door Jam: November 4, 2016

Mashable: If you are going to do Halloween go all in—like this guy who was the Silver Surfer on the streets of NYC. Or this dude who has a fully functioning Pokemon Go costume.

Consumerist: We waste more time trying to choose something on streaming platforms like Netflix than we do channel surfing on broadcast TV, but we are happier with our streaming selection. Interesting research on our changing viewing habits.

Verge: Adobe is looking to make you doubt the authenticity of audio recordings as much as you doubt pictures. They are working on a program with the capability of adding words a person never said.

Gizmodo: Want a map of the entire universe. Here’s an actual map of the entire known universe.

YouTube: Here’s the next Nintendo platform: Switch. They are going full mobile with this.

YouTube: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 looks fun, but I miss the way the music perfectly set up the trailer for the first one.

YouTube: Speaking of music perfectly setting up a trailer. Hearing Johnny Cash over this Logan trailer makes me really want to see this film. It’s the perfect song for an older Wolverine story.

YouTube: I wish I trusted DC as must as I trust Marvel because this Wonder Woman trailer looks interesting (and her theme is absolute fire), but I’m worried it will be another let down.

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