All the Dinosaur Pranks You Need to Survive Election Day

Who needs another article about the impending doom of election day? How about an article featuring the impending doom of extinction day?

Let’s reach across the aisle and come together to point and laugh at the people terrified by these dinosaurs.

T-Rex takes on Christmas

Pop up dinosaur

T-Rex rodeo

Jurassic Gym

Cheerasaurus Rex

A member of the Denver Bronco cheerleaders dressed up as a dinosaur for Halloween.

Jurassic Parking Garage

When T-Rex Your Wedding

Dino Dancer

Raptor Meets the Suns

Dynamic Duo

American Dino Warrior

T-Rex Fastball

Japanese T-Rex

T-Rex Your Audition

Jurassic Theft

Someone tried to dinonap a giant triceratops and left him stranded in the road.

I Don’t Even Know

Stay safe out there on election day and watch out for any dinosaurs.

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