Door Jam: July 25, 2016

Door Jam

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With San Diego Comic Con ending last week, there’s a whole lot of nerd news, especially trailers. So here’s some of my favorite things from Comic Con this year.

MST3K is back. What else is there to say? Time to hop aboard the satellite of love and mock some B movies.

This Justice League trailer captures the right tone. It feels like a needed change from Batman v. Superman.

I continue to be in love with Doctor Strange. More Inception-style images from this gorgeous looking film.

Wonder Woman looks to be going with the Captain America route and kicking off the character in a period piece. I’m liking it so far.

This can’t help but be great — The Lego Batman Movie.

Unfortunately, footage from the new Spider-man is not online yet, but here’s a description of what happens and some concept art revealing the villain.

Yes, I have missed you Moriarty and your arch nemesis Sherlock Holmes. It’s been too long. I’m glad Sherlock will be back on my TV soon.

The Flash is about to get a lot more complicated for season 3 as time travel has messed up everything. We find out how the Flash Point storyline plays out on TV.

Marvel and Netflix came ready with a lot of info and teasers. We know Daredevil season 3 is a go. Here’s a trailer for Luke Cage, a brief glimpse of Iron Fist, and a teaser for Defenders.

What was your favorite trailer or bit of news from Comic Con?

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