Door Jam: July 12, 2016

Door Jam

Door Jam is a collection of odd, funny and nerdy news and videos from around the web. If you see a post that should be in Door Jam, tweet it to me @WardrobeDoor.

Yahoo: Now that we’ve got Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the next step is bringing in the X-Men. And maybe, just maybe, that’s about to happen.

New York Times: Netflix knows your viewing habits and how quickly you binge watch shows. Speaking of which, it seems quite a few of you watched Fuller House. It may have been the most watched TV show last year.

Pepsi: It’s time to go back to the early ’90s with bad web design, the Oregon Trail and Crystal Pepsi. You can get all three of those things, on this website promoting the return of Crystal Pepsi with an Oregon Trail type game.

Oh My Disney: It’s finally officially confirmed: Wreck It Ralph will be getting a sequel, coming to theaters in March 2018.

Gizmodo: NEE NED ZB 6TNN DEIBEDH SIEFI EBEEE SSIEI ESEE SEEE !! — That is a hidden message from Mars. No, seriously. Also, if here’s an interactive site on Jupiter and its moons recently explored by a NASA craft.

YouTube: How Captain America: Civil War should have ended. These are always great.

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