11 Other 90s Christian Teenager Disappointments Besides DC Talk’s Cruise

dc talk reunion

A generation of evangelicals waited with bated breath for a potential DC Talk reunion album or tour announcement today. Instead they got this.

After 16 years, the intermission has ended … with a cruise.

But 90s Christian teenagers are used to dealing with disappointments. Here are other heartbreaking tragedies we have survived.

11. That “friends are friends forever” friend from summer camp never wrote you a letter like they promised.

10. You never got to sing a Silly Songs duet with Larry the Cucumber on VeggieTales.

9. Bibleman never joined the Avengers.

8. Printed youth group t-shirts still aren’t fashionable.

7. The Left Behind movie. Twice.

6. McGee and Me never got rebooted and Adventures in Odyssey never got a movie deal.

5. WWJD bracelets never make a comeback.

4. Mary Mary never called you about that top-notch choreography routine to “Shackles” you sent them.

3. Interpretive movement still hasn’t become a “thing” again.

2. No one finds it acceptable or cool to starts words with an “X” and end them with a “Z.” I guess we won’t have any “Xtreme Lock-Inz.”

1. Pixar still refuses to ditch computer animation and use flannelgraph for their next film.


  1. Justin Curry

    You’re killing me.

  2. Ecron muss

    Ok, that’s good!

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