Worst Kids’ Show Bracket: Championship

Worst Kids Show Bracket Championship

It’s down to this. You voted in the first round, the Sour Sixteen, the Ugly Eight, the Final Four. And all that’s left is Caillou vs. Yo Gabba Gabba.

It’s kinda like Batman v Superman … if Batman was a spoiled preschooler with the inability to grow hair and Superman was a horrifying collection of overly happy singing monsters. So maybe, it’s closer than to the comic book matchup than I thought.

But regardless, this is a battle between the worst of the worst. Caillou and Yo Gabba Gabba. Neither has a name that makes sense. Neither has a show that’s worth watching. Both deserve to win, but there can only be one.

Which show is the absolute worst kids’ show? Your vote will decide.

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  1. Nick

    Call me crazy, but I actually kind of enjoy Yo Gabba Gabba… and despise Caillou. 🙂

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