Worst Kids’ Show Bracket: Sour Sixteen

Kids Bracket 16

When 16 teams are left in the NCAA Tournament, it’s called the Sweet Sixteen. This is a bracket featuring the most horrifying shows parents are forced to watch. There’s nothing “sweet” about it.

For this March Madness tournament, you can to call it the Sour Sixteen. Let’s look back at the first round and see who moved on.

In the PBS Kids region, there was only one upset—with 73 votes in the matchup between Caillou and Bob the Builder, the latter only received one vote. How is that possible? Caillou should have gotten 100%. Every higher seed won comfortably.

Nick Jr saw some close votes, but most of the higher seeds won. The top seed Yo Gabba Gabba had a surprisingly tight vote with Spongebob. The main thing I’m upset about in the entire bracket is Dora pulling off the upset over Max & Ruby.

Chaos reigned in the Disney Junior region. The only higher seed to win was the 1 seed, Imagination Movers. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Special Agent Oso and Handy Mandy all lost.

Only one upset happened in the Wild Card region—Aquabats Super Show took out Captain Planet. I can only assume none of you actually remember Captain Planet. All other higher seeds moved on.

Voting will be open until next Thursday, before the field will be cut to eight as this March Madness tournament will help determine the worst kids’ show.

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