Worst Kids’ Show Bracket: Final Four


In the college basketball version of March Madness, upsets always happen. But apparently that’s not the case in the Worst Kids Show Bracket. All the 1 seeds moved on to the Final Four.

Caillou used his Canadian whininess to navigate the tough PBS Kids region. The horrible role model dolls come to life, Bratz, dominated the Wild Card region. They face off in the first game. It’s the biggest brat on TV versus the group so bad they gave them that as a name.

Yo Gabba Gabba doesn’t just give nightmares to parents; it was a nightmare to all the other shows in the Nick Jr. region. Imagination Movers moved their way through to Disney Junior region. Now the two live-action, lyrically-annoying shows do battle. Which earworm reigns supreme?

Vote now to see who moves on to the championship game to be crowned the Worst Kids Show on TV.

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  1. Sambahat

    Bratz beats Caillou on a buzzer beater in double overtime. The quality that makes Bratz worse is the affect on young girls everywhere… everyone learned to ignore Caillou. Nonetheless, Caillou has the core to establish a dynasty for years to come as the Bratz story fades away. Expect to hear from Caillou next year!

    In the other bracket, an entirely different story emerged as, Yo Gabba Gabba blows out Imagination Movers. Imagination Movers kept is close for the first half Yo Gabba Gabba pulled away in the third quarter as live action actors are no match for cheap over-the-head costumes and the ingeniously annoying name of Yo Gabba Gabba.

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