The Most (and Least) Read Posts of 2015

Virtually every blog makes note of their most read posts from the previous year. It provides a fun look back at what resonated with readers. It also can create a false impression that every post is a hit and readers click on every link shared.

In order to both have fun and pull back the curtain a bit, I want to share the 10 most read and 5 least read posts of 2015. Because even when you have been blogging for more than 10 years, sometimes you still write for an audience of none—and, as a writer, that’s part of it.

First, here were the most read posts at The Wardrobe Door in 2015.

The Top 10

10. Norvasc 5mg

21 copts people of the cross

ISIS mockingly called these 21 men “people of the cross.” Much like the word “Christian” 2,000 years ago, what they meant as an insult is actually a badge of honor.

Those men entered into eternity held safely by the hands of the One who turned the cross from an emblem of shame into a symbol of victory.

To be a people of the cross means that we trust those nail scarred hands and we embrace what it means to be a “people of the cross.”

9. 2 Real Reasons People Don’t Go to Church

church open

People give all types of reasons for why they no longer attend church. Most of those given mask the real reasons someone becomes a former church member? It’s the same motivations for virtually every other human decision: pain and pleasure.

If you associate church with pain or church with interfering with your pleasure, you probably won’t go. Those are the real reasons why you don’t go to church, but they still shouldn’t be what keeps you out.

8. No, Hanging Out With Your Friends is Not the Church

friends wheat field gathering church

I understand the desire to feel connected to God with other people like you, but that’s why churches have small groups and God provides us with friends.

Jesus has promised to be in the midst of even two or three gathered in His name, but He has not called that the church.

If you are gathering with a group of friends to talk about life and the Scriptures, don’t stop. But don’t confuse it with church either.

You and your group should seek to build up the bride of Christ, not try to replace her.

7. Are All Christians Hypocrites? Yes. Maybe. And No.

unmask hypocrite

Are Christians hypocrites? Yes, maybe, and no. Do any of those answers say anything about biblical morality? Only that everyone fails to adhere to it, which is what it has claimed all along.

6. Irony’s Dead And Planned Parenthood Killed It

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood’s latest victim wasn’t alive to start with, but they’ve killed it nonetheless. The abortion provider absolutely murdered any concept of irony. All it took was a single tweet.

5. No, Thousands of Syrian Refugees Are Not Arriving in New Orleans

Powdered Wig Society Syrian refugees

Understanding all the facts of the situation completely undermines the story being pushed by these websites.

This is why I immediately discount any story I see from these types of sites. They aren’t concerned about the truth.

You cannot lament the dishonesty of mainstream media outlets while promoting and sharing stories from conservative blogs that do nothing but exaggerate, mislead and blatantly lie to push their agenda.

4. China prednisone

RFRA states

While I understand the desire to be passionate about your closely held beliefs (ironic since that’s what the RFRA is designed to protect), a boycott of Indiana will not be enough. In order to be consistent, protestors will have to stretch that boycott far beyond the Hoosier state.

3. Preventing the Next Josh Duggar Situation

Josh Duggar

Josh Duggar, his family and his victims need our prayers. But potential future victims need our prayers and actions.

We must not encourage the attitude that sin can be kept away from our home with a solid fence or a good homeschooling program. We must acknowledge how deep it goes into our own hearts and the hearts of our children.

Understanding this, we must fight against and live counter-culturally to the celebrity obsessed culture. It’s not enough to embrace a Christian version of the world’s idols. We must reject a system that elevates fame as being a goal to achieve and a status to protect.

2. 5 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids Theology

kids teach crayons

Teaching your kids can feel daunting. But teaching your kids theology can feel downright terrifying.

Some feel overwhelmed with time issues. They just don’t see how they can fit something else into their day. Others may not feel as if they have adequate theological training. They feel uncomfortable instructing their kids beyond, “Jesus loves you.”

1. Jared Fogle, Ashley Madison, Planned Parenthood and Our Men Without Chests

men without chests

Allow me to rephrase C.S. Lewis a bit for our current circumstances.

We laugh at chastity and are shocked to find the sexually exploitive in our midst. We are constantly feeding the sexual appetite of young men and bidding them “be faithful.” We demand consequence free sex and are appalled when we see what we deem “consequences” have faces that are being sliced open.

These children have faces that will continue to be ripped apart until we realize we have chests that have already been removed.

Those were the post you read and shared the most this year. The next five … not so much. Each of these posts were published this year and had 25 pageviews or less. That means that I could not even entice all of my family members on Facebook to read these.

While this undoubtable keeps me humble, maybe you’ll find something you missed and may possibly enjoy.

The Bottom 5

5. Why Does God Forgive Sin?

The only way we would ever know God’s motivation (or really anything else about Him) is for Him to reveal it to us. Thankfully, we worship a revealing God, a speaking God.

He has actually already told us why He forgives and, depending on your perspective, the answer may surprise you.

4. Peace Is Yours for the Taking

While so many products are advertised solely on their purported ability to help you worry less, when we allow the Spirit to work in our lives, we can truly be free from worry. It’s all a matter of trust.

3. Our Secure Foundation in Earth-Shattering Moments

Once you know God and know His character, know that He will accomplish everything for our good and for His glory, we can face even the worst times unafraid.

Even earth-shattering moments in our lives are no match for the One who spoke the earth into existence.

2. Treating Success as a Mission Not a Monument

Monuments are built so that others can see what you did. Missions are given so that you can see where you need to go.

1. Peace is Yours for the Giving

You have been granted peace, not simply for your own personal benefit, but so that you can live it out in your interactions with others for their good and God’s glory.

Apparently, the readers of this blog most often appreciate longform Christian takes on current news topics and aren’t really enamored with brief devotional thoughts.

But regardless of how many times you read The Wardrobe Door in 2015 or what post you read— be it the 15 people who read “Peace is Yours for the Giving” or the 177,718 who read “Jared Fogle, Ashley Madison, Planned Parenthood and Our Men Without Chests”—thank you.

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