15 Top Tweets from 2015

My Twitter account (@WardrobeDoor) gives a fairly decent representation of who I am. While that may sound obvious to some, many people cultivate a certain image or brand online. As these 15 tweets show, my “brand” is all over the place—from the serious to the silly.

Here are my top 15 tweets of 2015.

15. I’m glad to open the list with a Narnia reference. That’s kind of a given with me, no?

14. Here I get to combine two of my favorite things to poke fun at—politicians and Facebook.

13. And here’s one of my other favorite things to point and laugh at—the SEC and SEC fan.

12. As abortion and Planned Parenthood were huge news topics in 2015, they show up repeatedly on this list.

11. Twitter is my outlet to make parenthood jokes. Every parent needs a release for the frustrations. Mine is Twitter.

10. It’s nice to have my nerdom well represented in my top tweets.

9. I think I watched a grand total 5 minutes of The Wiz and in those five minutes Common showed up looking way too cool in that jacket.

8. Oh, Pete Carroll. You cost your team the Super Bowl with your playcalling, but you did make my 2015 tweet list if that’s any consolation.

7. This may be a shot even Steph Curry couldn’t pull off … who am I kidding, Curry probably drains 50 of these in a row at practice. Still unbelievable shot in a game.

6. My number one Twitter lesson learned in 2015. Tim Tebow = Retweets. This is not his last appearance on this countdown.

5. Unfortunately, we got our answer.

4. This is still the case and still shameful.

3. Poor Michigan fans. I’m not sure how else you should respond to losing to your rival on an impossible play. But that’s for the laughs.


2. After doing something like this, the fact that Planned Parenthood still gets positive press coverage is stunning.

1. There was little doubt in my mind what would be the top tweet this year. When your hastily photoshopped image fools one of ESPN’s top NFL reporters, you’ve struck Twitter gold.

Little ol’ me trended on Twitter that night. It’s been eight months and the tweet got another favorite this week. I even wrote a post about what I learned from going viral.

So Tim Tebow may never win another NFL game, but he won Twitter for me one day in April and that has to be worth something.

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