The Real Pro-Life Hero of the Planned Parenthood Shooting

Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood

As I write this, the motivations for the shooter at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic are unknown. It may very well be revealed that he believed he was acting on behalf of the pro-life cause.

Those of us who are pro-life should state unequivocally that what this man did was wrong and in complete contradiction to what it truly means to be pro-life.

This is not some “no true Scotsman” fallacy where I, as a pro-life individual, attempt to distance myself from a murderer who shares my convictions.

No, the shooter does not share my convictions because he acted contrary to what it means to be pro-life. That term would mean absolutely nothing if it included individuals who believe murder is an acceptable solution to abortion.

Just as the definition of a Christian precludes someone from regarding Muhammed as the Messiah, so to does the definition of pro-life prevent someone from claiming the label and then murdering their fellow human beings.

Garrett Swasey Planned Parenthood shooting pro-lifeHowever, from initial reports, there was a pro-life hero at the scene of the shooting. His name was Garrett Swasey. The police officer at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs sacrificed himself to save the lives of others.

His friends and church family say he was opposed to abortion, but yet he did not hesitate to rush to the scene to assist a fellow officer being shot.

As a father of two and elder at his church, Swasey was “an absolute man of courage,” according to his pastor.

No matter what is uncovered about the murderer in Colorado Springs, he will not be pro-life and he will most certainly not be a hero. But both of those descriptors suit Officer Swasey.

When you think of someone who is pro-life don’t think of the murderer, regardless of what he claims, think of this father and police officer who sought to save lives at an abortion clinic despite being morally opposed to it. That’s pro-life.

Garrett Swasey is the real pro-life hero of the Planned Parenthood shooting at Colorado Springs.

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