Irony’s Dead And Planned Parenthood Killed It

Planned Parenthood’s latest victim wasn’t alive to start with, but they’ve killed it nonetheless. The abortion provider absolutely murdered any concept of irony. All it took was a single tweet.

Do they even realize what they’ve said? Essentially every word in that tweet exists in stark contrast to Planned Parenthood’s reason for existence.

Every child

Every child? Because I’m fairly certain you don’t mean every child. Because every child would include those still in the womb.

deserves the opportunity

Based on what? How does a child deserve anything unless that is inherent to their being a human being? And it’s kinda hard to have any opportunity if you’re killed before you exit the womb.

to live up to

Those first two words, you keep using them, but I do not think it means what you think it means. For every 1 pregnancy at Planned Parenthood that ends in adoption, around 149 end in abortion. It’s hard to live up to anything when you can’t actually live.

their God given potential

So God gave them potential, but did He give them life? If so, how do you get to decide that life should be ended? If potential is something we should value, what about the potential of the life in the womb?


Remember when she and her husband spoke of abortion using the terms: “safe, legal and rare”? Why rare? Because even if you believe abortion should be protected, you still acknowledged something was being lost.

Fast forward to the most recent Democratic National Convention, when those words were stripped from the party platform and the stadium cheered at the mention of abortion. But who is it that’s extreme on abortion?


At this point, you can tell that Planned Parenthood wants to make sure irony is good and dead. If not, this is some next level Onion-style satire.

It’s almost as if they are unaware of the problematic words on race of their founder Margaret Sanger.

Or the fact that black babies are five times as likely to be aborted as white babies.

Or of the sheer number of black children who have been aborted compared to other causes of death.

Or that in major cities like New York, black lives are more likely to end in abortion than begin at all.

Or that at last count 79% of their clinics are strategically located within walking distance of black and/or Hispanic communities.

I suppose we should be thankful that Planned Parenthood spent time killing irony, perhaps that took away from their killing of another unborn black child.


  1. Elizabeth

    You don’t understand why you are wrong, do you?

    • Clearly, I don’t know why believe me to be wrong. If you’d like to share why you think that is the case, I’d honestly love to talk with you about it. I’m under no illusion that everyone agrees with me on this (or any other) issue.

    • SANDI

      What’s wrong with this blog post? The statistics can be found in other places and are verifiable. Or are you saying it’s wrong just because you disagree? Disagreeing and having another opinion isn’t the same thing as saying someone’s view is wrong. If you are pro-abortion then you should be able to explain yourself. I’m really interested in how someone can be pro-abortion.

  2. Anonymous

    Actually, the “baby” inside the womb is not a baby, but a fetus.

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