Why This World Still Matters to the Christian

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“If Christians believe that the afterlife is such a wonderful thing, why don’t they just jump in front of a truck?”

That was a quote posted on Twitter by a prominent atheist blogger. Non-Christians have a huge misunderstanding of the Christian perspective on this life. More than likely, that is because many Christians have a huge misunderstanding about the Christian perspective on this life.

While we are constantly longing for the completion and fulfillment of our hope that is to come, we should recognize that this world, though fallen, is still good. It still has value to God, so it should still have value to us.

In the hymn Paul records in Colossians 1:15-20, Christ is described as several things. The main point the apostle wanted to get across to the Colossian believers was that Christ was supreme over all. They had no need of any other secret way or special trick to get to God. They had Christ and He was all they needed.

One of the ways in which the song describes Christ is as sustainer (Col. 1:17), by Him all things hold together. Not only is He, as one Person of the Triune God, Creator, Jesus is also the Sustainer of all that was created. It exists because of Him and it continues to exist because of Him.

Why is this important when considering a Christian view on this life and this world? It should show us that not only does Christ exhibit his sovereignty and supremacy in creating, He displays those in his sustaining of creation.

Not just the creation, but the continued existence of creation proclaims the glory of our Savior. Creation, though fallen and marred by sin, still speaks of the majesty of the One who created it and sustains it.

As a Christian, I don’t jump in front of a truck and kill myself because my life is to point to my Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer. As a Christian, I should care whether or not this planet is harmed by human activities such as pollution. Not because I view the Earth as more important than humanity, but because I view the Earth as God’s creation that declares His handiwork.

The Christian is to fight against the affects of the fall, two of which are death and a more difficult environment in which we live. Christians should fight death and attempt to live.

God has given us this life to serve Him, we should seek to serve Him here as long as He will allow. We are to seek to better Earth, make it more habitable to humanity. That is part of our charge as stewards of this place.

Christians should work in fields of science and medicine finding ways to prolong life and fight the curse of death. They should seek to cultivate this planet, maximizing the God-given resources and eliminating mistreatments of them.

We are not here just to make it to there. We are here and will be there to glorify our Creator, Savior and Sustainer. There is a reason that God will make a new Heaven and a new Earth. Creation “groans” with us, longing to be remade in original perfection.

This world matters, this life matters, because Christ works continually to sustain it for us. If it matters to Him, then it must matter to those who serve Him.


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