State Forces Smaller Groups to Advertise for $2 Billion Industry


A $2 billion industry successfully lobbied a state government to force their competitors to advertise for them.

Instead of encouraging competition or even helping the smaller organizations, the governor signed legislation that forces competitors to promote the multi-billion dollar business. When patrons walk into the smaller places, they are now required by law to talk about all the options at the big business.

You may assume this took place in some Republican run state to favor some big corporate interest. Maybe a shadowy conservative group pressured lawmakers to back business interests over common sense.

Except that’s not the case at all. This happened in California with the abortion industry.

NARAL California and other abortion backing groups pushed through legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown that requires crisis pregnancy centers tell clients about abortion services provided at other competing clinics.

Abortion clinics run by Planned Parenthood and others continue to bring in millions in government funding. At least one-third of their income comes from abortion. We now know they supplement that income through “donating” fetal tissue.

Let’s ignore the religious freedom aspects of this—requiring individuals and groups to violate their convictions. Despite the Supreme Court finding the federal government cannot require business like Hobby Lobby to provide insurance that pays for abortion, many on the left are opposed to such arguments.

There are obviously many other aspects to this story, but let’s just leave it on the business level. Can you imagine California liberals being on board with this for any other industry?

Should vegan restaurants be forced to tell customers about the McDonald’s down the street since the federal government recommends people have meat as part of their diet? More to the point, should a Hindu restaurant be required to do that?

The counter argument is that this is about “women’s health” and not food preferences. But this is not the only abortion industry law CA recently passed.

Gov. Brown signed another law—also pushed by NARAL—to allow abortion clinics to receive waivers that would make them exempt from mandatory hospital transfer agreements.

Supporters said this was about more women having access to abortion. In other words, let’s not quibble over regulations in place to keep women safe in the event of an emergency, we’ve got to expand our customer base.

You know, some big businesses need to be protected from things like competition and health regulations. And by some, I mean the abortion industry.

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