Ranking the Greatest Sports Months of the Year

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In baseball, the Kansas City Royals came from four runs behind with only six outs to stave off elimination, while the Chicago Cubs hit six home runs in a game to take a 2-1 series lead.

In the NFL, Antonio Gates became only the second tight end to score 100 touchdowns, but it wasn’t enough as the Pittsburgh Steelers won on a gutsy touchdown run with no time left in the game.

In college football, the starting quarterback for Florida was suspended for an entire year for PEDs, the coach at Southern Cal was fired for being drunk on the job, and a legendary coach at South Carolina resigned in the middle of the season.

All of this happened on Monday. Just Monday.

Some months are full of exciting sports days. Other months … not so much.

With that in mind, here are the 12 months of the year ranked in order of how great it is for watching sports.

12. July

If it wasn’t for the MLB All-Star game, I wouldn’t even rank July. I would find some other month from a non-Western calendar to rank here.

Outside of that, there’s baseball games that no one, not even the players, care about. If you care about Europe, there’s Wimbledon and the British Open. During lucky years, we might sneak in a World Cup or the Olympics. Otherwise, this is sports dead zone.

11. August

It’s July without an All-Star game, but with preseason football and a few college football games late in the month. There’s some golf (PGA Championship) and some tennis (U.S. Open), but feel free to experience life away from ESPN for a few months.

10. September

There’s a big gap between the top 10 and the other two sports months. Football, college and the NFL, starts up. That alone makes it better than the two months before it on the calendar.

It’s also about time for casual sports fans to pay attention to baseball as the playoff races heat up. The U.S. Open (tennis) finishes up. Every two years is the Ryder Cup (golf). And there’s probably some soccer happening in Europe if you care.

9. December

Christmas comes early on this countdown. But, don’t get me wrong, the last month of the year is definitely not the worst month.

The NFL playoffs take shape. College football crowns conference champions. The playoffs are decided and lower tier bowl games are scattered throughout the month. Plus, the NBA, NHL, and college basketball are into their seasons.

8. May

Two of the major sports (NBA and NHL) are into the playoffs. This would be great except both postseasons last half the year. But it’s hard to complain when you can watch two sports in the postseason and have some regular season baseball thrown in as well.

If you like racing, this is your month. Auto racing has the Indy 500, the Coca-Cola 600, and the Monaco Grand Prix. Horse racing has the Kentucky Derby and Preakness. Internationally, there is the French Open and I read somewhere that some soccer stuff happens, too.

7. November

This is a sneaky good sports month. The World Series has begun to bleed past October. The NFL is heating up for the playoff push and has those classic Thanksgiving Day games. College football has important games, particularly with rivalry week toward the end of the month.

Basketball fans can be thankful because this is the month both the NBA and college basketball starts. In college, you often get some really interesting out of conference match-ups between power teams.

6. February

I struggled where to put the month of love. Having the Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event of the year, definitely places this month in the top half, but that’s about it.

There are some fun college basketball conference games gearing up for March Madness and the NBA and NHL are on TV, I guess. If the NBA Slam Dunk competition were still fun that might be something. The Daytona 500 kicks off NASCAR. The lesser of the two Olympics may also make an appearance.

5. March

As much as it pains me to say this, I kept moving March down my list from originally having it listed at 2. Listen, March Madness is fantastic and my favorite sporting event, but there’s nothing else to the month.

Just like the Super Bowl could only lift February so far, two magically weekends can’t push March all the way to the top when the only other sports in the month are regular season NBA and NHL.

4. June

If you like any sport beside football, June has something for you. The NBA and Stanley Cup Finals crown champions in basketball and hockey. The NBA Draft, or the Philadelphia 76er invitational, takes place. Plus, baseball is underway.

Outside of the big four sports, tennis fans can enjoy Wimbledon and the French Open, the U.S Open tees off in golf, and there’s probably some kind of soccer cup tournament going on. If there is a Triple Crown contender in horse racing, the Belmont Stakes can be interesting.

3. January

Football, football and more football. The biggest bowl games, the college football playoffs, and the NFL playoffs all push January up the list. And aren’t we glad for it?

I mean, outside of football and New Year’s Day, January is a pretty lame, cold month. Regular season NBA and NHL couldn’t save it without postseason football.

2. April

April is like June only better. It has something for everyone and the springtime weather makes things more enjoyable.

Think about this packed month. It starts off with the Final Four, and moves into the Masters in golf, MLB Opening Day, the NFL draft, NBA and NHL playoffs, and even Wrestlemania, if you like your sports scripted.

1. October

Seriously, did you read the opening section? All of those things happened on a single day in October. That’s more action than the entire months of July and August combined.

Just as a month without the sports it’s great. The temperatures turn cooler. The air gets crisper. But when you add the sports, things get even better.

It’s the only month that features the four major professional sports: football, baseball, basketball and hockey. And all of them have interesting developments, from moving beyond preseason to moving through a season to finishing the postseason.

Baseball heroes are born this month. College football legends burst on to the scene. The NFL season takes shape. The NHL and NBA start their seasons. Even college basketball starts practicing and preseason rankings come out.

October is unquestionably the greatest sports month of the year.

Are you completely wrong and think another month besides October should top the list? What would your top five sports months be?

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