What Pro-Gospel Has to do With Pro-Life

Women for Life Kelsey Bridges

While I believe men have both a right and responsibility to speak about abortion, I also believe it is important to show that many women are passionately pro-life.

To counteract the false narrative that women are all in favor of abortion, I asked four women to share their pro-life stories and reasoning this week. I’m honored to feature guest posts from Kelsey Bridges, Kelly Parkison, Bekah Stoneking and Pam Earls

What Pro-Gospel Has to do With Pro-Life
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Today’s post is from Kelsey.

by Kelsey Bridges

I am pro-life because, as a woman, I can’t rationalize sacrificing the life of another human being on the altar of sexual freedom. Scripture communicates pretty clearly on the value of life and the problem of sexual sin, and I affirm what it says wholeheartedly.

Still, on a personal level, I believe it is outside of my rights to take a life in order to continue a certain lifestyle. I believe that sex outside of marriage is not God’s plan for mankind. He created intimacy to be within a marriage relationship, both for His glory and for our good. Anything outside of that is sinful and will damage our relationship with God and each other.

Personally, when I sin, I look for ways to cover it up. When I’ve told a “small” lie, I tell another to cover my tracks. When I’m furious or impatient, I blame someone else so it looks justified. Many times, our tendency in the wake of one sin is to cover it up with another and hope no one finds it.

Sexual sin can lead to unplanned pregnancies, and that is when the temptation comes to cover it up. Regardless of the situation, sinning in order to conceal sin just equals more sin. (I work in an accounting office at a seminary, so that’s the best math I can do.)

So I would rather be known as pro-gospel over pro-life. The gospel says that every person has sinned, and every sin, from my selfish heart to dismembering and selling parts of a precious baby, requires payment. Jesus Christ lived a perfect life and died to pay our debt, and His blood cleanses those who place their faith in Him.

I no longer need to live in shame for the evil that my heart concocts organically because Jesus took all my guilt on the cross. So how in the world can I shame and judge a woman who aborts a baby? My sin nailed Christ to the cross just like hers did.

We, the Church, must abandon judgment and be available to minister to these women. We need to mobilize adoption agencies and foster care because these women, single-mom’s, teenagers, college students, if they keep a baby from an unplanned pregnancy, we need to be ready for those children.

We need to get these women into our counseling ministries because only the gospel can restore them from their brokenness. We need to make them feel welcome because Christ first welcomed us. And we know love because He first loved us.

I believe that abortion should be illegal, especially in light of the recent undercover videos revealing the sale of aborted baby organs and tissue.

As a woman, I know that God created my body in a way so that I can carry and give birth to children, and I’m greatly looking forward to that. I know that God made those babies in His image just as He made me, and it breaks my heart to see a doctor set aside tiny arms and legs in order to ravage a body for its profitable organs.

I do take comfort in knowing that my King is not surprised by what is going on in our nation, and He remains sovereign. While we live in this now/not yet time until He returns, the Lord has specifically called me to serve through social work, adoption, and alternative options to abortion. I stand for the sanctity of life, and I cannot be silent anymore.

Kelsey Bridges is a college senior. Follow her on Twitter @WoahItsKelseyB.


  1. Colleen Scott

    What a great post! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Great guest post! What an important issue in today’s culture. We must not sit by idly and allow the gospel to lose hold of our lives. This is not just a choice issue; it is a sin issue. This addresses abortion at the root instead of the surface.

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