Door Jam: August 15, 2015

Door Jam

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Coming Soon: Here’s your first look at Loki (Tom Hiddleston) as Hank Williams. He certainly looks like Hank, but I want to hear the British accent become a Southern accent.

The site also has the first glimpses of Black Panther from Captain America: Civil War. Apparently, Spider-Man will have two costumes when he shows up in Civil War.

AV Club: If you really want to see a Fantastic Four movie that’s not made for audiences, save your money and watch this 1994 version online that was made literally just to maintain the rights and never intended to be seen by anyone.

Telegraph: Meet my hero, a guy trying to crowdfund almost $3 billion to bring Middle Earth to England by building the great Gondor city of Minas Tirith. It needs to happen fast because I’m fairly certain China is working on Minas Morgul as we speak.

Minas Tirith

ESPN: The Harlem Globetrotters have beaten the Washington Generals for the last time. Not because the Generals are finally going to stop falling for the bucket of confetti trick, but because the Globetrotters have decided to no longer schedule the lovable losers.

TV Line: In West Philadelphia born and raised, a reboot of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air may be coming to TV.

Consumerist: I guess 8 CDs for 1¢ really wasn’t a good business decision after all because Columbia House has finally declared bankruptcy.

YouTube: The latest trailer for the next season of Doctor Who is here.

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  1. Ken

    Oh to be able to stand a field to Minas Tirith!

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