This is Why We Don’t Share Fake News

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Planned Parenthood is literally selling human body parts. A top doctor is caught on film describing how they can abort babies in certain ways so as to preserve organs to sell.

The story is so unbelievable; this is why Christians should make sure we aren’t sharing fake news. Sometimes the truth is stranger (and more horrific) than fiction.

As I wrote over the weekend, pertaining to the stories about a pastor going to jail for refusing to perform a same-sex marriage and a gay man suing Bible publishers, Christians must be careful about what we say and share on social media.

For the Christian, we should have a higher standard that even the journalist. We do not have the reputation of a news organization to protect, but rather we bear the name of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Even practically speaking, it harms the defense of actual religious liberty when Christians make false claims of persecution. Current cases when religious freedoms have been curtailed are dismissed by critics by connecting them to these false stories.

Not to mention, if that fake story ever did accurately represent reality, we will have been the boy crying wolf on Facebook and no one will believe us if it actually is the truth.

We cried wolf over fake stories now something real and much worse has happened. Will anyone believe us?

Russell Moore’s piece “Planned Parenthood and the Atrocity of Corpse-Selling” was blocked from being shared on Facebook. Here’s where I tried:

Facebook block Moore

I’m assuming so many abortion advocates have tagged it as “abusive” on the social networking site that Facebook automatically flagged it until they have someone investigate. (While writing this, they seem to have unblocked it.)

But think back through all the false calls of censorship and shocking (fake) stories that have spread across social media. Now, here we are with a tax-supported organization is selling human parts for profit and supporters (at the very least) are causing Facebook to temporarily block a legitimate post criticizing that organization.

It boggles the mind. It’s something that almost seems too bad to be true. But it’s real and many of us have repeatedly sacrificed our integrity over careless use of social media.

We all make mistakes and get fooled. Unfortunately, it happens. (Ed Stetzer gives some helpful tips on what to do if you did share those fake stories.)

But we must not allow it to become commonplace or no one will believe us when we try to shout about Planned Parenthood trafficking human body parts.

Shepherd your credibility and integrity. You will need it for when the wolves come.

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