A Right to Privacy Requires a Right to Life

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Now that Planned Parenthood has realized they’ve been exposed through undercover video, they’ve tried to get ahead of the weekly releases.

The abortion provider was worried this week’s video would show “a highly sensitive area in a clinic where tissue is processed after abortion procedures.” In other words, the video could show the dissected parts of an unborn child.

They were right. Here is this week’s video. (As a warning, the last parts of the video are graphic. I could not handle it emotionally. I had to turn away as I started to weep watching it.)

Planned Parenthood’s Senior Counsel for Law and Policy, Roger K. Evans said to film these procedures “would be an extremely serious invasion of our patients’ privacy and dignity.”

To which patient is Evans’ referring? No woman is shown in the video, only doctors and the remains of an aborted baby. Does this mean Evans is admitting the child is considered a patient and has privacy and dignity?

Planned Parenthood did not change their talking points after the video was released. Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, reiterated in a conference call that the videos were “extremely disturbing violations of patient privacy and dignity.”

This begs the question, how does this “tissue” have a right to privacy, but not a right to life? Wouldn’t a right to privacy require a right to life?

If you consider life in the womb to be merely expendable tissue, what does it matter if someone shows it? Is your privacy violated if someone took a photograph of your blood in a vial (or “pie plate” as in the video)?

Clumps of cells don’t have rights. Isn’t that what we were told? Yet, now this aborted fetus is suddenly protected? How is that?

In the midst of this, the abortion provider has hired a crisis PR firm to help quell the controversy surrounding these videos. The first step of the firm, beg reporters not to show the videos. (Here’s an example of the full letter.) This is despite their claims that the full videos, not the “heavily edited” ones, exonerate them.

The very fact that Planned Parenthood wants such videos hidden demonstrates two facts which they refuse to admit. First, what they do is horrific and inhumane. Secondly, deep down inside they recognize that and don’t want to admit it.

They want to extend protections and dignity to a fetus, which they’ve argued has no intrinsic rights. They recognize the life has value, but they only want to acknowledge it monetarily.

Yes, Planned Parenthood, that “tissue” as you call it, does have a right to privacy, but that is because it is a person with a right to life. You cannot expect the former when you disregard the latter.

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