7 Greatest Odd Celebrity Sightings Ever at NBA Games

When you watch an NBA game on TV, you expect to see some celebrities on the front row.

Jack Nicholson is at all the Laker games. If it’s the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, you know Spike Lee will be there. (Ask Reggie Miller.)

But sometimes you get some odd pairings. Take last night’s game. At game 1 of the NBA Finals, you had this happen.

Steph Curry Guy Fieri Jesse Jackson

There are so many levels to this. You have Steph Curry there shooting and then … woah, there’s Guy Fieri and his crazy hair. And wait, why is Jesse Jackson over there?

That may be the oddest celebrity combination at an NBA game ever, but there are certainly some others in contention.

How about Will Ferrell in a suit and hat that are competing for most ill-fitting and Brooke Shields?

Will Ferrell Brooke Shields

That’s fairly strange, but surely we can go stranger.

Here’s Taylor Swift making a weird hand motion (that she’ll probably write a hit song about later), while Amanda Seyfried tries to make it even weirder. Plus, in between is that guy who did that thing. Yeah, him.

Taylor Swift Amanda Seyfried

I mean that’s an odd photo, but it’s not really an odd pairing. We see Taylor Swift with every female celebrity … except Katy Perry.

Here’s a super talented musician and that guy from Hunger Games. Just kidding, it’s the multi-talented Lenny Kravitz with the singularly talented (doing something stupid) Justin Bieber.


But they’re two musicians (kind of), so it’s not that odd.

OK, now we are talking. Sylvester Stallone, Eddie Murphy and Steven Spielberg. Plus they seem like they are having … a lot of fun?

Sylvester+Stallone Eddie Murphy Steven Spielberg

Why is Stallone wearing some kind of London sports jersey thing? Why can I not stop seeing Donkey from Shrek every time I see Murphy? Why is Spielberg wearing two shirts and a coat … inside … in LA? Still, I think we can go further down the weird celebrity rabbit hole.

David Spade. We could probably stop right there and it would be odd enough, but we have Spade with Puff Daddy … P. Diddy? … Diddy? and Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

David Spade Anthony Kiedis Puffy Daddy DIddy

Is Kiedis serving as the buffer or connection between Spade and Diddy? So many questions. But not quite weird enough.

Snoop Dogg (or his he still doing that Lion thing?) and Hilary Swank. Snoop and Swank. A two-time Academy Award winning actress and the dude who rapped about Hot Pockets in a commercial.

Snoop Dogg Hilary Swank

On the weird meter this is probably about a 9. Could you imagine any other situation where this two would be this close to one another for any length of time? Only one thing could top it.

I present to you, the Mona Lisa of strange celebrity sightings at an NBA game.


I wasn’t sure a world existed in which there is a photo of 50 Cent (wearing Detroit Lions gear) about to steal some nachos from frightened giant headphone guy (wearing Chicago Bulls gear), with disinterested Kate Upton and a bald guy staring creepily at a basketball, all while Tracy Morgan looks off (wearing full New York Knicks gear). Yet here it is.

The only thing that would have made this any stranger would have been if Kate Upton was playing Game of War on her phone and Tracy Morgan was wearing an EGOT necklace.

What’s the strangest celebrity sighting you’ve seen at a game? Which of these would you rank as the oddest?

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