Replacing Outrage With Prayer

prayer replace outrage

The moment something (anything) happens, people will immediately take to social media to express outrage. Pick a person or a topic and I can guarantee you, someone is outraged about it right now.

Outrage is the currency of our culture. We trade in it and use it to purchase points in societal debates, as if the one with the most outrage wins.

Unfortunately, Christians are just as guilt as anyone else in living in perpetual outrage. There are times when outrage is warranted, but it cannot be all the time.

The greatest danger of our tendency to live in outrage is it often replaces our taking our concerns to God. Instead of turning to prayer, our first response in these situations is usually wrong.

Outrage is the prayer request of the practical atheist. Our reliance on outrage reveals our lack of trust in prayer.

While we may say we believe in God, the practical truth of the matter is that our beliefs are having little effect on our actions.

We feel our anger and words vented on social media will have more impact than our words directed to God.

When we truly recognize the power we have through Christ, we may still get angry at circumstances or events, but we will immediately turn that into a prayer request.

When we do that, we move into the area where God is at work in our lives and our world. With that, here are five benefits of exchanging outrage for prayer.

1. Humbles us — We are all in a constant battle with our pride. Acknowledging that our words are never so powerful as when they are directed in prayer to our Father can aid us in that fight.

2. Deepens our trust — Praying instead of yelling helps us plant our roots in the soil of Christ. The more we turn situations over to Him, the more we grow in our trust of Him.

3. Displays counter-cultural attitude — The world knows all about outrage. If we refuse to take part in it, however, we will stand out as different from those around us.

4. Broadens our relationship — Every area of our relationship with Christ grows as we talk to Him instead of about circumstances.

5. Makes room for God — Most importantly, we move ourselves out of the way to allow God to work in the situation. He may choose to act on His own or use us in answer to our own prayers.

After praying, we can act in obedience to God. But we will be doing more than acting, our actions will be Spirit-directed and strengthened.

Too often emotions and not convictions drive our response to circumstances. Our lack of prayer reveals a practical atheism that sees no reason to call on God.

Instead, live out your beliefs. Turn your outrage into prayer and see God work around, in and through you.

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