15 Favorite Books of 15 C.S. Lewis Scholars

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When I spoke with 15 C.S. Lewis scholars like Alister McGrath (and fans like myself), I asked them to name their favorite book from Lewis and the one they considered to be most over-looked. Today, I want to look at the 15 that were chosen as a favorite.

Hopefully, this will provide you with a selection of books that experts believe are some of Lewis’ best. And if you haven’t read all of these, maybe this will encourage you to read more of his works.

7 books were listed once

The Weight of Glory

That Hideous Strength (part of the Space Trilogy)

Perelandra (part of the Space Trilogy)

Letters to Malcolm

The Last Battle (part of The Chronicles of Narnia)

The Horse and His Boy (part of The Chronicles of Narnia)

God in the Dock

3 books were listed twice

The Collected Letters

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (part of The Chronicles of Narnia)

The Silver Chair (part of The Chronicles of Narnia)

4 books were listed three times

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (part of The Chronicles of Narnia)

The Screwtape Letters

The Great Divorce

Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold

1 book was listed five times

Mere Christianity

Clearly, Mere Christianity is recognized as a classic, but the variety of the list is telling.

Along with the apologetic books like Mere Christianity, there is fantasy literature with Narnia, science fiction with the Space Trilogy, essay collections like God in the Dock, expositional fiction like The Screwtape Letters, and even his personal letters.

I believe his varied work helped his writing. Because he knew how to tell a good fiction story, his presentation of non-fiction was improved. And because he recognized the value of communicating truth, he could use his fiction to teach better.

While you or I may not be as gifted as Lewis in writing across so many distinct genres, we can and should look to write in varied ways and we definitely should read widely.

Your thinking and reasoning can only be improved and sharpened when we encounter truth in various manners. You can only be better prepared for the arguments you face in the world when you see them presented through different methods.

Write more and read more—including, if you haven’t already, any of these favorite C.S. Lewis books.

What is your favorite book from Lewis? 

All those who participated in the series (not including myself): Joe RigneyLouis MarkosLaura SchmidtJennifer NeyhartDevin BrownSarah WatersBrandon SmithMichael WardCrystal HurdWilliam O’FlahertyBrenton DickiesonDan DeWittDiana Glyer, and Alister McGrath.

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  1. I’ve been re-reading the Narnia books and I must admit, The Magicians Nephew and The Horse and His Boy have been pretty big stand-outs to me. I was even compelled to pull a few visual illustrations from The Magicians Nephew for some recent articles. The portrayal of Aslan between these two stories is interesting, almost like two different Aslans, yet at the same time consistently Aslan! In any case, I’m enjoying Narnia again, and your article as well, thank you!

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