Lamp Post: February 26, 2014

The original Narnian lamp post drawn by Pauline Baynes

The original Narnian lamp post drawn by Pauline Baynes

The Lamp Post is a collection of quotes, news articles, opinion pieces or blog posts that I found interesting and worthy of attention.

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Equip to Grow: How’d He Do That?

A new book, Seven Arrows, presents a simple way to read, understand and apply Scripture. While you should buy the book, this blog post gives a brief synopsis of the seven arrows and how they help.

Forbes: Google Bans Adult Material on Blogger

Good move from Google. I’m thankful they seem to be more concerned about the harm from Internet pornography.

Mashable: Facebook: Only 40% of the World Has Ever Connected to the Internet

For so many of us, we think of being online as a given to life. But while 80% of the world could afford the Internet, according to this study, only 37.9% used it last year and only 40% have ever been online.

Washington Post: Why Digital Natives Prefer Reading in Print. Yes, You Read That Right.

Much of this details why I, though not quite a digital native, prefer to read an actual book over an ebook. I particular resonate with enjoying a book because I remember blocks of text and information by its location on the page. Reading on a screen removes that and makes it harder to retain what I read.

Mayo Clinic: Blind Man Sees His Wife for the First Time With Bionic Eye

Go ahead and try not to tear up at this man, who lost his sight over a decade ago, catching his first glimpse of his wife with his new bionic eye.

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