Lamp Post: January 20, 2014

The original Narnian lamp post drawn by Pauline Baynes

The original Narnian lamp post drawn by Pauline Baynes

The Lamp Post is a collection of quotes, news articles, opinion pieces or blog posts that I found interesting and worthy of attention.

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Medium: Open House

After fostering 37 babies, some of whom had been horribly beaten, Presbyterian College basketball coach Gregg Nibert has seen it all — yet he still believes in the power of faith and love.

Consumerist: Study Shows You Can’t Think Straight When Your iPhone Is In The Other Room

The study found that iPhone users tasked with solving a series of puzzles did worse on the cognitive tasks when separated from their devices, while they performed markedly better when their phones were at their side.

Facts & Trends: Most Worshipers OK With Segregated Sunday Morning

Two-thirds of American churchgoers (67 percent) say their church has done enough to become racially diverse. And less than half think their church should become more diverse.

Atlantic: What Happens to a Woman’s Brain When She Becomes a Mother

In other words, those maternal feelings of overwhelming love, fierce protectiveness, and constant worry begin with reactions in the brain.

YouTube: Lecrae opens up with John Piper and John Ensor about a past abortion and the healing of the gospel.

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