Door Jam: December 1, 2014

Door Jam

Door Jam is a collection of odd, funny and nerdy news and videos from around the web. It’s a play on words with the blog name and “jamming” these sometimes random stories into one post.

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Cyber Monday: Here are some great nerd deals today – Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures on BluRay $34.99, The Avengers BluRay $9.99, The Bourne Trilogy BluRay $14.99, and Hasbro toys and games 50% off.

io9: If ‘80s cartoon supervillains played basketball, they would dominate. Do not sleep on Cobra Commander’s handles. And I’m just saying, if Mumm-Ra is coming down the lane, get out of the way.

Cobra Commander basketball

Oh My Disney: If they have given us anything, Disney movies have been great for memorable lines. Here are the 15 most important Disney movie quotes.

Mashable: The world’s tallest roller coaster will be open in 2017, but you can get queasy now watching this simulation of “The Skyscraper.”

Thrillist: Where is the best pizza in your state? Here is the tastiest pizzeria in all 50 states. I’m betting none of them have pizza-flavored Japanese chocolate, though.

YouTube: If George Lucas had made the trailer for the new Star Wars movie, it would have more … well, just more. Here’s the Lucas version of The Force Awakens trailer.

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