Best Door Jams of 2014

Door Jam

Door Jam is a collection of odd, funny and nerdy news and videos from around the web. If you see a post that should be in Door Jam, tweet it to me @WardrobeDoor with the hashtag #DoorJam.

This week, I look back at the most interesting articles from all of the Door Jams in 2014 as determined by the number of people who clicked the link to find out more.

Here are your 14 best Door Jam articles from 2014.

Buzzfeed: Tremendous Ron Swanson motivational posters

Ron Swanson motivational poster

Sports Illustrated: It’s not in the game: 8 features the NFL made EA Sports remove from “Madden.”

22 Words: I loved these 18 honest company slogans.

Honest Slogans

Mashable: 14 books that change when you read them later in life

KSK: What if NFL logos were hipsters?

NFL hipster logo Bears

Thrillist: 16 regional hamburger styles in America

Fast Co CreateEvery NFL team helmet reimagined Star Wars style

New England Patriots Star Wars helmet

NPR74,476 you should always get the bigger pizza

Fast Co Design: Minimalist posters for each book of the Bible

Bible minimalist poster Genesis

Oh My Disney: 15 most important Disney quotes

KSK: What if every NFL team logo were anime?

Broncos anime logo

Fast Co Design: Infographic map combining all of your favorite fictional places

io9: What if Normal Rockwell drew the Hulk and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

rockwell tmnt

Were there any other Door Jam stories or videos from this past year that you enjoyed?

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