14 Pop Culture Events from 2014 You Already Forgot

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2014 was filled with significant important events. It was also filled with some of the silliest pop culture moments that took over social media for a few days only to be forgotten the next week — except here at The Wardrobe Door.

Here are 14 events that filled your Twitter timeline and Facebook feed this year only to be overtaken by another random event people wanted to make jokes about.

Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex  Frozen

Remember how we all froze and still thought Frozen jokes were funny. Those were the good ol’ days of early 2014.

Flappy Bird

flappy bird meme

Everyone played it until we couldn’t anymore. Then we could again and no one did, which caused the number of phones thrown across the room to drop dramatically.

Ham and Nye debate

Bill Nye Ken Ham debate

Ken Ham and Bill Nye got together. Did their thing. It was a thing that happened. That’s about it.

Sochi Olympics


Am I the only that completely forgot the Olympics happened early this year? I know who didn’t forget it — the guy in charge of making sure that fifth ring opened.

Landed on comet

Armageddon comet landing

Seriously, did we just completely ignore the fact that we landed on a comet. And we didn’t even do it because we were trying to save the world from another Bruce Willis movie.

Ice bucket challenge

Titanic ice bucket challenge

Yep, earlier this year all of social media was one big peer pressure group to get you to dump cold water on your head for charity. Who wants to start it up again, right now?

Pharrell’s hat


Does he just love Arby’s that much? Did he always want to be a Canadian Mountie? Was it a shout out to Smokey? Or maybe he just needed something to carry home all his Grammys.

Taylor Swift’s head banging

Pharrell’s head attire wasn’t the only awkward thing at the Grammy’s this year.

World Cup

World cup logo face palm

Wait, what was that? I think Germany just scored on Brazil again. (And I still hate Belgium waffles!)

Jimmy Fallon

How is that he’s only been doing this less than a year?

Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar

Alright Alright Alright

Yep. That Matthew McConaughey.

Michael Jackson hologram

micheal jackson hologram

Isn’t this how Thriller started or maybe Walking Dead — bringing back holograms of dead people to perform at awards shows?

Sharknado 2


I feel certain the Roman Empire began its collapse when they had a performance of Sharknado in the coliseum.

Left Behind. Again.


As usual, Nic Cage says it all.

What pop culture event from 2014 should we try not to forget in 2015?

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