Lamp Post: November 13, 2014

The original Narnian lamp post drawn by Pauline Baynes

The original Narnian lamp post drawn by Pauline Baynes

The Lamp Post is a collection of recent news articles, opinion pieces or blog posts that I found interesting and worthy of attention. If you see something that you believe should be in The Lamp Post, tweet it to me at @WardrobeDoor with the hashtag #LampPost.

Washington Post: A woman “spontaneously” revives after having no pulse for 45 minutes. When skeptical doctors throw around words like “unexplainable” and “miraculous” and nurses tell families to keep praying because something amazing just happened, it definitely gets your attention.

Pew: Do people share their faith online? New research says 20% of Americans spoke about their religious beliefs online in an average week.

Atlantic: This post has a lot of interesting data about religion, who keeps theirs and why. Two of the more intriguing points are that middle children are less likely than their older or younger siblings to keep the faith of their parents and college graduates after 1970 are more likely to identify with a faith than non-graduates.

A Pilgrim in Narnia: The Great Divorce is a fascinating book from C.S. Lewis about the afterlife and it had, in it’s first incarnation, an unpublished foreword Brenton Dickieson discovered.

Vox: Fascinating story about an atheist philosopher turned Coptic monk


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