Quiz: How Much of a Servant Are You?


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That’s not exactly the kind of online quiz people usually take.

We click links to find out if we are introverted or extroverted. We want to know which fictional character we are most like. We will spend 15 minutes answering the strangest questions just to share the slightly amusing results on Facebook.

But most of us aren’t dying to take a quiz to discover “Just How Much of a Servant Are You?” But, as Christians, is that not more important than which Frozen, Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games or Harry Potter character we are?

Followers of Christ are to be just that. Our goal should be to become “good and faithful servants” who are lauded by their Master.

So the question then comes, “How can I tell if I’m that kind of servant?”

It has often been said, you can tell how comfortable you are with being a servant by the way you respond when someone treats you as one. That is part of it, but you can often hide even from that.

Responses can be faked, but motivations … those cut to the heart.

Here’s the test that never ceases to convict me. Which one of these questions drives you:

  • What’s in it for me?
  • What’s in it for my Master?

A true servant doesn’t ask, “What’s in it for me?” but instead, “What’s in it for my Master?”

We often find out the actual level of our devotion and obedience to Christ by observing how frequently we mentally ask each of those two questions in determining whether or not to do take a certain course of action.

The one who is constantly worried about their achievements, recognitions and accolades is not living as a servant, but a celebrity. They are seeking to be served.

They may claim to be seeking to advance God’s kingdom, but their motivations prove they are using Christ as a platform from which to establish their own kingdom.

The servant, on the other hand, has one primary motivation for his or her life – will this bring honor to my Master? All of the personal attention is of little concern, except for how it can be pointed toward Christ.

While your lunch break is enough time for the latest Buzzfeed quiz to tell you what your real age is or what job you should really have.

Discovering whether or not you are truly a servant isn’t something that can be decided in five minutes online. This has to be a daily evaluation (and correction) of your heart.

So take a minute right now and ask, “Which of those two questions do I ask the most?” Then ask, “How can I be more concerned about my Master’s glory than my own?”

Now, you are thinking like a real servant. No multiple choice quiz needed.

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