A Day in the Life of Stock Photos

Stock photos serve a purpose, but very rarely is that purpose to show what real life actually is. While your life is full of ups and downs, stock photos pretty much just establish an impossible to meet standard of every day life.

So what would it be like to live a day in stock photo life? Nothing like your life or mine.

You wake up completely refreshed from your recommended seven to eight hours of sleep. Nope, you didn’t stay up late watching bad reality TV shows or get sucked down a YouTube hole of cat videos.

Not only that, you didn’t wrinkle your glaringly white polo, your radiant teeth don’t need brushing, and somehow your hair manages to not look like a two-year-old wearing a bowl of noodles and is instead perfectly styled.

Man Waking Up In Morning And Stretching On Bed

Everyone in your family wakes up on time. Of course, you don’t have to spend 20 minutes of your morning cajoling your children out of bed. They come to the kitchen completely excited to start their day and ready to eat the wonderful wholesome breakfast you had no trouble whipping up.

No, you didn’t just tell them to find some cereal or grab a granola bar, protein bar, or maybe even a candy bar. Nope, that doesn’t happen. Your kids are never late for school because they can never seemingly remember where they put their shoes. Every. Single. Day.


This is your morning commute. Not a car to be seen. No annoying morning radio DJs. Just you and your calm thoughts ready to accomplish great things at work.

Why would you think that traffic would be bumper-to-bumper with other “drivers” (using that term loosely) who seemingly have no desire to arrive at their destination on time or in one piece?


Work is so much fun. No, you love having the other guy right beside your computer. Who needs an office or even a cubicle?

It such a bonding experience to have smiley here with his weird hand motions sitting practically on your lap as you make your important phone calls for the day. Everything is awesome!


Well, if you have to take a lunch break, you guess you can take a moment to happily eat a light healthy salad at your desk.

But you don’t want to take too long enjoying this delicious meal because you’ve got a few more hours to look at more exciting charts on your computer screen. Yeah!


There is plenty of time in the evenings for the whole family to gather around the table and eat leaves and berries. Everyone is so thankful to be sitting together. No one is whining about wanting to watch TV. No one is sneaking to look at their phone.

You are just loving your colorful, healthy meal. Why would you need to have some kind of meat in your meal? These are “hearty vegetables.” Yum.

family eating

When it’s time for bed, the children go quietly and happily. They just want one more hug, then they’ll lay down without making a noise. Nope, no one asks for a glass of water knowing that they’ll have to get up to use the bathroom in an hour or so.

Of course, the kids don’t freak out about “Fluffy,” the stuffed bear who’s gone missing. No, there are no hour long futile search party efforts that end only when the child remembers Fluffy is actually under the covers on their bed.


When they go to sleep, they sleep like little angels and never get up in the middle of the night to ask you a random question or inform you their hand fell asleep or cry because the shadow of their favorite toy disappeared when you turned off the light.

And they never walk past two sinks to come ask you for a drink of water. Nope. Little sleepy angels they are.

kid sleeping

After the kids are in the bed, you and your spouse cuddle up together on the couch to watch your favorite TV show. You know, the one you both enjoy tremendously – the watching other happy couples stroll around show.

You take turns controlling the remote even though neither one of you ever wants to change the channel or the volume. It’s like enjoy only the same things.

watching TV


Now that you’ve both had another perfect day, you snuggle together in your perfectly white bed sheets, while wearing your perfectly white night clothes. No, you don’t fight over covers. Of course no one snores.

You smile as you drift off to dream about what another wonderful day you will have tomorrow in your stock photo life.


Whether it’s an “average day” like these photos, pictures for churches or parenting, stock photos can be bad. What’s the most unrealistic (or just plain horrible) stock photo you’ve seen someone use?

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