13 Ways an NFL Game is Like a Baptist Church

NFL church

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Virtually everyone has heard the analogy of how a church is like a football game. You have a few people doing all the work, while most everyone else sits around and watches.

But if you think about it, there are a lot more comparisons between the two. There are even more similarities, however, when you look at an NFL game and a Baptist church.

Here are 13 ways an NFL game is like a Baptist church.

  1. People have clothes in their closet they wear especially to it. Gotta look sharp on Sunday.
  2. People huddle and talk about things and what’s going to happen next, but it rarely goes the way they planned.
  3. At least once a year, you have that one person who is allowed to sing, but they really shouldn’t be.
  4. Everyone thinks the guys looking at things on a monitor screwed something up. They usually get booed.
  5. Regardless of what happens, it is a penalty if you dance. Participants cannot dance.
  6. Or gamble.
  7. The songs you hear are usually a decade or two (or three or four) behind.
  8. There will probably be a fight among teammates.
  9. People are sure this year will be different.
  10. It rarely is.
  11. Some people have been sitting in the same seat for years. If you sit in them, things could get ugly.
  12. When it looks like things are finished, there is a mad rush for the exits.
  13. Most of the men there are missing what is actually happening, because they are too busy checking on their fantasy football team on their smartphones.

What other similarities do you see between an NFL game and a Baptist church? Do any exist between a game and your church?

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