Loyal To My Faults

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I’m a loyal person. Sometimes I pay for that.

I remain a Duke fan – not just when they win the national championship, but also when they lose in the first round of the NCAA tournament. I still wear my Blue Devil shirts afterward and I catch (expected) grief for it.

Often times, I will stick with something or someone long after they have proven they should not longer have my loyalty. The pain of giving up and changing is harder for me than dealing with the disappointment that comes from being loyal when you shouldn’t.

Maybe I fit the phrase “loyal to a fault,” but I know that I, along with many others, absolutely fit the phrase “loyal to my faults.”

I do not want to give up those areas of my life where I struggle. It seems so backwards.

The areas where I give in most to temptation are the ones I try to hold on to the longest. I am loyal to my faults, instead of being loyal to the One who can help me overcome them.

Anyone else in this boat? Do you find yourself falling to the same sins and going back to the same mistakes – being loyal to things that do not deserve your loyalty?

Christ died to grant us freedom from the bondage of sin. No slave should be loyal to his slavery, especially when his master mistreated and abused him.

Yet, we do that. I do that. You do that.

God grants us freedom through the sacrifice of Christ. We don’t have to live in that sin anymore … but it’s comfortable. We know it. We are loyal to it.

Stores often reward loyal shoppers. Sin does not reward you for your faithfulness to it. All it does is destroy as much of you as it can.

Loyalty is only as good as the object it is directed toward. There is no honor or praiseworthiness in being loyal to a sin that seeks only your harm. Do not let it fool you.

Instead, be loyal to Christ, who is ever loyal to you despite your shortcomings.

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