Door Jam: September 5, 2014

Door Jam

Door Jam is a collection of odd and nerdy news from around the web. If you see something that you think belongs in a future Door Jam, tweet me @WardrobeDoor with the hashtag #DoorJam.

KSK: The NFL just started back, so what better time to look at some of the absurd re-imaginings of the team logos. What if the logos were Anime, or obese, or even British?

British NFL logo Seattle Seahawks

Medium: Forget Madden 58 or whatever we’re on right now, the greatest NFL video game of all time dropped over 20 years ago – Tecmo Super Bowl. Here are 10 reasons it’s the greatest. Yes, Bo Jackson is one of them.

Discovery Channel: The size of these crystals make it seem fake, but this “Cave of Crystals” is a real place in Mexico.

crystal cave

Image credit: DCL

Mental Floss: Who were the best parents in fiction? Oddly enough, parents are often absent from many of the great children stories. Either they are inconsequential, their death is used as a plot point or character justification, or they are evil in some way.

This list focuses on 30 good parents from literature. I absolutely agree with the top three.

22 Words: I have no idea why virtually every car in Russia has a dashboard camera, but when they catch Mickey Mouse, Spongebob and a gang of cartoon characters in a hilarious road rage beat down, I’m so thankful for them.

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