Lamp Post: August 7, 2014

The original Narnian lamp post drawn by Pauline Baynes

The original Narnian lamp post drawn by Pauline Baynes

The Lamp Post is a collection of recent news articles, opinion pieces or blog posts that I found interesting and worthy of attention. If you see something that you believe should be in The Lamp Post, tweet it to me at @WardrobeDoor with the hashtag #LampPost.

Marty Duren: The insidious sin of fear mongering

Hey Christians, stop using social media and the like to push fear, when we’ve been given hope.

Fear-mongering is an insidious sin when promulgated by children of the Prince of Peace. We who have been promised all comfort should not be in the business of troubling others with half-truths. We who have been given peace should not create unnecessary turmoil. We who have been given assurance should not traffic in doubt.

Mike Lee: The Strengths of the Multi-Generational Church

There have been numerous blog posts written about the need for churches to reach millennials (I’ve written some of them), but this is an excellent post from my pastor that serves as a corrective to any over-emphasis on a certain group of people. Churches should be made up of members of all generations.

National Review: Of Course Pro-Choicers Are Trying to Rebrand — They’re Losing Among Young Adults

Many pro-choice groups no longer want to be called pro-choice. They put all kinds of spin on the reason why, but it boils down to the fact that despite all of their fear mongering (to allude to the earlier post) their message is no longer carrying the day when it comes to young people.

RNS: ‘Black Jesus’ targeted as ‘blasphemous’ by conservative groups

Is there an advocacy group for people who think shows like this are stupid, but who also think it stupid to argue something which is clearly satire (bad satire, but satire nonetheless) should be branded as “blasphemous” and even stupider to make a huge fuss about it and thus draw even more attention to this show that is supposedly the worst thing ever? Is there a group like that, because I want to join.

Weekly Number: More than 8-in-10 People Hold Religious Beliefs, and It’s Rising, Finds New Book

To listen to many, you would think religion’s influence was waning in the world. But that’s not the case, religious adherents are actually become more prevalent across the globe. Religious adherents account for 88.4% of the world’s population in 2013, up from 80.8% in 1970.

Vox: People tweet more about beer than church — except in the south

There were several maps related to beer and social media, but I thought this one was extremely interesting. (HT: Sarah Pulliam Bailey)

twitter beer church

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