Guardians of the Galaxy: Who is Star Lord’s Father?

Who is Star Lord's Father?

While we meet Star Lord and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the latest movie, much of the conversation centers around an unknown character – Peter Quill’s father.

So who exactly is Peter Quill aka Star Lord’s father?

Movie plot spoilers below.

Star Lord posterGuardians opens with a young Peter listening to his Walkman, trying to avoid facing the death of his terminally ill mother. Before she dies, she tells Peter that his father was an angel of light.

She reassures him that his grandfather would take good care of him, until his father returned for him. But his mother slips away and Peter runs out of the hospital into a field where he was abducted by aliens.

The aliens were a clan of thieves led by Yondu, who raises Peter and sends him out to retrieve wanted items that can be sold for a profit.

Things start to change, when we find out that Star Lord is only half human. After seeing his medical examination, it is determined that his father is from an ancient species.

At the end of the film, Yondu, who clearly has a soft spot for Peter, is discussing originally picking up the youngster from Earth. He reveals that they were sent to retrieve Peter by his father.

There are actually a few options as to who this might be.

Who is Star Lord’s father?

1. Jason Emperor of Spartoi

The primary origin story in the comics tells of Prince Jason crashing to earth and falling in love with Meredith, Peter’s mother. She became pregnant, but Jason was forced to leave.

As he went back home, he assumed the throne of Spartoi, who was in a war with Ariguan.

The film version does not line up with much of what happens with Peter and Meredith, so the movie has already deviated from the comic story. This means they are not bound to use this backstory.

However, there may have been a bit of a hint in this direction from Rhomann Dey (John C. Reilly’s character).

He confused Peter’s nickname and referred to him as “Star Prince” instead of Star Lord. If Peter really is the son of Jason, then he would be a prince of Spartoi.

Some variation of this story seems to be the most likely.

2. J’son of Spartax

Another version of Peter’s birth has J’son crashing and leaving Meredith behind – with a son and an alien gun. While the other version had Peter being conceived during a unique astronomical phenomenon when many of the planets align, this version drops that for a simpler story.

This version doesn’t seem to line up with Peter’s mother calling his father an angel of light and would not seem to be significant enough to warrant so much attention from the film.

In both of the comic versions, Meredith was killed by aliens. These divergent stories happened because one writer created Star Lord, but he left and another writer basically recreated the entire character.

Guardians (the film) tries to make his backstory less complicated, but still mysterious with the questions surrounding his father.

3. Someone else entirely

Because they already changed up so much of Star Lord’s backstory, they could move in an entirely different direction with the film. Filmmakers could make his father someone much more prominent and well-known in the Marvel Universe.

A humanoid alien from Spartoi doesn’t seem to be of an ancient, possibly unknown race and wouldn’t seemingly inspire Meredith to believe he was an “angel of light.”

While I doubt they would go this far in changing up Peter Quill’s development into Star Lord, Guardians director has said that only four people know who the identity of Star Lord’s father. If that’s the case, it would seem that they are looking to do something much more significant than either of the comic origins.

What do we know?

Star Lord comicIt seems the next Guardians of the Galaxy film, which will release July 28th, 2017, will feature a story at least partly about the father-son relationship between Peter and Yondu, along with the reveal of Peter’s actual father.

So the only thing we really know is that, unless a post-credit scene of a future Marvel movie gives us more information, we will have to wait three years before finding out exactly who Star Lord’s father is.

Or who knows, they may hold off even longer and reveal it in the middle of a potential Guardians and Avengers crossover.

In the meantime, pass some of the time away by listening to Star Lord’s Awesome Mixtape Vol. 1 on Spotify, find out who that was and what was going on in the Guardians of the Galaxy post-credit scene, or read why I thought the first Marvel movie set away from Earth felt the most like home.

Who do you think Peter Quill’s father will be? If you saw Guardians, did you see or hear any other clues or hints about his identity?


  1. I will step up and volunteer to be Star Lord’s father and kick Yondu’s blue butt.

    Btw, I took my staff to see this on Tuesday and I’m pretty sure we had a bonding moment.

  2. Okay, see, as somebody with no familiarity with the comic, I drew a completely different conclusion from the little epilogue after the trailer–I thought maybe Howard the Duck was being set up to be his father!

    Weird, I know. But, hey, when you already have a raccoon with an anger management problem, there’s no telling where they’re going!

  3. I saw the movie, knowing nothing about the comic. I left the movie thinking that his ancestry is going to be a direct line to one of the Celestials, similar to the one whose head is being mined in Knowhere.

  4. duke

    Its runner , a elder of the universe

  5. Chaz

    Based on the Hollywood version, not comic:
    Star lords father is Lucifer.
    His mom says his father is an angle composed of pure light.
    The end, we find out he is half human, half ancient being.
    right before that moment, his clan of misfits mention not retuning him to his father, yondu says “yeah his father was a real jackass”

    we know Lucifer was kicked out of heaven, so in fact, he was an angel.
    subtle clues and hints, point toward this conclusion. of course this is all hollywood

  6. ANGEL



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