Door Jam: July 28, 2014

Door Jam

Door Jam is a collection of odd and nerdy news from around the web. If you see something that you think belongs in a future Door Jam, tweet me @WardrobeDoor with the hashtag #DoorJam.

Market Watch: What is the happiest U.S. city? Where are people least happy? It might just surprise you.

happy US cities

Den of Geek: The truth may be out there, but is there an X-Files reboot out there? Maybe.

Dorkly: Batman should’ve known. The butler did it. He always does it.

Alfred Batman

The Verge: Follow me on this. There’s a trailer for an unfinished documentary about an unfinished movie, oh and the movie – Nic Cage as Superman, directed by Tim Burton and written by Kevin Smith.

22 Words: This should be the result of every selfie.

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