How to Jesus Juke the World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2014

Christians found it all too easy to Jesus Juke the birth of the royal baby boy in England, but somehow the World Cup has escaped our collective social media attention – until now.

We cannot let a significant world event pass without cramming in stilted and awkward references to our Savior. So I’m going to give you the game plan for World Cup Jesus Jukes.

Since the United States advanced to the next round with a loss to Germany because Portugal beat Ghana, you can start off with easy tweets like these.

Jesus Juke World Cup Jesus

Jesus Juke World Cup God

Team U.S.A.’s goalie Tim Howard has been fantastic. The chances are high that he makes a spectacular save. You know what to do.

Jesus Juke World Cup Tim Howard

Team captain Clint Dempsey has spoken about his faith. Use it as a social media bludgeon.

Jesus Juke World Cup Clint Dempsey

The rest of the games will be a single elimination tournament, so if you lose one you are out. Here’s how to take advantage of a loss.

Jesus Juke World Cup OJ

But what if your team wins? Don’t worry, there are Jesus Jukes for that, too.

Jesus Juke World Cup Kool

The best Jesus Jukes are ones that get everyone’s attention. Sometimes, different television and streaming feeds are faster than others.

Take advantage of this by causing people to think you are tweeting something first about the game, but then pull the Jesus Juke.

Jesus Juke World Cup Ref

Jesus Juke World Cup Spider Man

And one that is sure to cause everyone to look.

Jesus Juke World Cup FIFA

How would you Jesus Juke the World Cup?

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